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Keep your eyes on the road ahead with the new Buteo eyewear series. These stylish goggles are the ideal companion on steep trails.

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When you're at top speed on technical trails, you need razor-sharp focus. That's exactly what our new Buteo eyewear series delivers.
The Buteo goggles have been developed in coordination with our MTB helmet series. Accordingly, they can be seamlessly combined with the ABUS AirDrop, CliffHanger or MoDrop. The goggles are available in four different colours. We have placed great emphasis on wearing comfort, ventilation and appearance so that mountain bikers can tackle the trails with maximum concentration. The anti-fog coating, which prevents the bike goggles from fogging, ensures good vision at all times.


  • Double layer glass to prevent fogging
  • 40 mm strap for slip-free fit
  • Fleece layer for maximum comfort
  • Nose guard for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Available with clear and mirrored tinted lenses

Operation and use

  • Ideal for mountain bikers


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Size: universal
Weight: 140 g
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