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When a chip can save lives: If a cyclist falls on a lonely stretch of road, the integrated acceleration sensor can detect their fall. Help is called via the smartphone, which pairs with the QUIN chip. This makes cycling even safer.

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Once inserted into a compatible ABUS helmet, the QUINChip can pair with the QUIN app on the smartphone. And thus your helmet becomes smart.

Alone on a bike in the middle of a fascinating landscape, exploring new terrain and shredding on lonely trails. A unique experience that requires technical skill, maximum concentration and good stamina. But even when you have all that, falling is not out of the question. Thanks to ABUS QUIN technology, your bike helmet becomes a partner to the rescue. In the event of a fall, the system notifies one or more previously defined persons via the app. Thanks to Live GPS, the location of the person involved in the accident can be sent. This means that help can be rushed in quickly. But an emergency isn't always a fall. This is why QUIN can also be triggered manually - better safe than sorry.


  • Crash sensor technology - five control sensors constantly evaluate data during use and detect dangerous situations
  • IntelliSleep - if no movement is detected for five minutes, the chip automatically goes into sleep mode and saves energy
  • Bluetooth 5.0 - guaranteed 20-metre wireless range to ensure a stable connection to the smartphone.
  • Raise to wake - the QUIN helmet automatically pairs with the smartphone as soon as the QUIN chip detects movement.
  • Rechargeable battery - four hours fast-charge mode via Micro USB and up to one month battery life


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