ABUS EasyLook BasicSet ABUS EasyLook BasicSet ABUS EasyLook BasicSet ABUS EasyLook BasicSet ABUS EasyLook BasicSet

ABUS EasyLook BasicSet

Video surveillance for everyone: The team of security camera and compact monitor reliably detects and shows what is going on.


Are you looking for a security camera that works without internet, Wi-Fi, computer and mobile phone? Ready to go in seconds and extremely easy to use? Then the ABUS EasyLook BasicSet is just right for you.

The set consists of a surveillance camera and a flexible, compact 7-inch monitor. It provides reliable video surveillance day and night and performs its job without internet/Wi-Fi, without an app and without separate devices like a smartphone. A practical solution for young and old, because both set components only need power; the video data and settings are securely encrypted and quickly transmitted wirelessly. The set can be expanded to up to 4 cameras at any time.

Is an unwanted intruder on the loose, or is it just a parcel delivery at the door? The camera's clever motion detection reliably detects people and animals. The monitor then gives a signal and shows you right what is happening. Simply tap the screen - and you can talk back via the camera, so that if in doubt, you can keep the front door closed. And what’s more: The camera ignores unimportant movements of leaves in the wind, for example, or the heat radiation of heaters.

If necessary, use the monitor wirelessly for a short time and place it where it is needed. Also extremely practical: The set is ready to go in seconds - simply switch on the camera and monitor - and the first live image can be seen. Afterwards, it is just as easy to make a few personal settings via the monitor.

ABUS EasyLook BasicSet

Individual component

Video sets
ABUS EasyLook Monitor
ABUS EasyLook Camera

Surveillance camera for expanding the ABUS EasyLook BasicSet. Integrates into the basic set in seconds. Up to 4 cameras per monitor.

Product advantages

  • Wireless set of surveillance camera and portable monitor with touch screen; high range, reliable motion detection, alarm and recording mode, intercom function, night vision, privacy zone masking and much more
  • Very easy to use without extra devices, without internet/Wi-Fi (power the camera, switch on the monitor, after a few seconds you can see the first live image; easy-to-understand user menu for personal settings)
  • Inside and outside, the security camera reliably detects people/animals thanks to its clever motion detection (integrated motion detector/passive infrared sensor, PIR for short, detects heat; camera software analyses for motion in parallel)
  • Monitor immediately and automatically switches to alarm and recording mode (siren sound on the monitor can be switched on/off as required; insert standard microSD card with up to 128 GB for storage)
  • Flexible monitor with high-quality, capacitive 7-inch colour display; for displaying live images and recordings (approx. 2 hours in battery mode if required) and for intercom (2-way audio through loudspeaker and microphone)
  • Personal settings via touchscreen; deactivate audio/sound for recordings (GDPR/data protection compliant), image areas with/without recognition, schedules, privacy zones
  • Clear night vision in black and white (via infrared LED) up to 15 metres, 3-megapixel camera resolution, zoom function, 82-degree viewing angle, camera protection class IP66 (weatherproof; protection against strong jets of water, dustproof)
  • Can be expanded at any time to a total of 4 cameras (additional camera for ABUS EasyLook BasicSet)
  • No further costs (no subscription, no cloud)


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Area of application: Outdoor use
Functions: Intercom (2-way audio), Night vision, People recognition, Zoom
Power supply: Power adapter
System: Stand-alone
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