Sun protector JC6450 SOPHIE


Protect sensitive baby skin from too much sun: Knot our SOPHIE sun protector awning to the pram cover.

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With our SOPHIE sun protector awning, you can ensure that your baby is protected in the pram when you go for a walk.
For babies and toddlers, make sure you have extra sun protection when you go out for a pram ride. Because the little bundles of joy react much more sensitively to sunlight and heat than adults. Our SOPHIE sun protector awning provides the shade you need and keeps out over 95 percent of harmful UV rays. It is attached to the top of the pram cover and the push handle and can be pushed backwards or forwards as needed. This way, you can quickly establish visual contact with your child should he or she become restless. An added bonus: Thanks to the twill look, SOPHIE looks classy and modern and goes very well with almost any pram.


  • UV protection 50+ according to Australian-New Zealand standard, absorbs 97.5% of dangerous UV rays
  • Material: 100 % polyester (twill quality, structured)
  • Dimensions approx. 64 x 47 (30) cm
  • Variable settings to the left or right depending on the sunlight

Operation and use

  • For visual contact with your child, simply push the awning backwards without having to loosen the attachment
  • Suitable for combination prams and pushchairs with covers


  • Colour: Anthracite


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colour: grey
Weight: 137 g
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