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Are you still using the SmartX app? Switch to the latest ABUS One app now and enjoy an enhanced user experience and improved functions.

The ABUS One app opens up new possibilities and takes the next big step into the future of smart security. Install ABUS One on your smartphone now and make sure you are up to date.

Despite its very good services, the SmartX app is being retired. It is now time for it to make room for a new generation. We have refined the technology, made operation more user-friendly and integrated features requested by our customers. The app is also open for future functions. Switch to the ABUS One app with your SmartX locks and benefit from the latest developments.

On this page you can find out more about the new app and how easy it is for you to move from the SmartX app to the ABUS One app.


The ABUS SmartX app becomes ABUS One / © ABUS
The ABUS SmartX app becomes ABUS One


This is the ABUS One app

  • Secure thanks to encrypted Bluetooth® connection: secured by ABUS SmartX technology
  • Intuitive operation and tidy design
  • Open for further products and developments

You can do all this with the ABUS One app

  • Manage multiple smart devices from ABUS in one app
  • Share access to your ABUS locks and keep an overview
  • Connect the app to your smartwatch (see the FAQ to see which devices are currently supported)
  • Open and close your ABUS locks with the keyless function without a key or smartphone in your hand
  • Enjoy the feeling of proven security in a new and modern form

Good to know!

Switching from the SmartX app to ABUS One couldn’t be easier. This is because you can automatically transfer the settings of locks that have already been set up to the new app.

If the SmartX app does not give you any information about the automatic transfer of your data to the new ABUS One app, please install it directly via the App Store or Play Store.

Installation and data transfer from SmartX to the ABUS One app

  1. Download and install the ABUS One app from the App Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android 
  2. Now open your SmartX app and click on the message "SmartX app becomes ABUS One" – which you can find on the app start page or in the lock settings
  3. Data export is prepared with the "Start data transfer" button
  4. Follow the instructions on your smartphone

Further information

Have your keycard ready. This confirms that you are the owner of the lock. It is needed to register your lock in the ABUS One app.

Unpairing locks in the SmartX app

On Android smartphones, the locks should be automatically unpaired in the SmartX app after the data transfer is complete. On an iOS smartphone, it is necessary to manually switch back to the SmartX app for this.

Problems with automatic data transfer?

If automatic data transfer does not work, you can add the lock in the ABUS One app using the QR code on the keycard. Note: If you add your lock this way, your configurations from the SmartX app will not be applied. 

There are a number of good reasons to change:

  • The SmartX app will not be technically updated in future
  • You can manage all your locks and future ABUS products in one app
  • You can easily connect your app to a large number of smart devices 
  • You will benefit from further development and products that can be integrated in the future

This is new

  • Modern design
  • Technically up to date
  • Pairing with smartwatches possible
  • Open for new developments and products

This stays the same

  • All functions of the previous SmartX app
  • Proven SmartX technology with secure Bluetooth® connection

This is not advisable, as we will stop supporting and working on the SmartX app in the long term.

The security of the ABUS One app is based on two-factor authentication when logging into the app and on the proven SmartX technology of the smart ABUS locks. All data is transmitted encrypted via a secure Bluetooth® connection.

Adding new locks is quite simple. Click on "+ ADD NEW ABUS LOCK" and follow the instructions on your smartphone. Tip: Have the keycard ready. You need the QR code to register the lock.

When using the app for the first time, you must first register with your personal details. Here too, you initially need the keycard of your ABUS One product.

So far, the app works in combination with iOS smartwatches and Samsung devices with the latest operating system.

In addition to the keycard, registration with accompanying two-factor authentication increases the security of the app.

If you can no longer find your keycard, please contact our customer service team at

If you have any questions about the ABUS One app itself, our customer service team will be happy to help. 

Please write to


Bicycle, e-bike, cargo bike, motorbike. ABUS One always offers the right solutions for two-wheelers.

Our smart ABUS products are operated by app and without a key, and increase the security of the lock with an alarm function, for example. Thanks to ABUS One, they can now all be integrated into one app and managed at a glance.

App Screen of the ABUS One App © ABUS

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