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Made in Germany A clear line

Our safety products stand for reliability and quality worldwide. This is an achievement that we owe above all to a company management that is committed to Christian values and consistently pursues high quality standards. Find out first-hand that "Made in Germany" is much more than just a seal of quality for us.

Christian Bremicker, co-partner and CEO of ABUS
Christian Bremicker, co-partner and CEO of ABUS

Since our company was founded in 1924, we have been passionately committed to security solutions that protect your home and life. As an owner-managed family business with firm roots in Germany, we are more than just a manufacturer of security products – we are your trusted partner for security, quality and tradition.

ABUS has achieved worldwide recognition and brand awareness with its products, which stand for quality "Made in Germany". Our strategy: we set high standards from Germany and take them to over 100 countries on all continents. We always manage our resources independently in order to guarantee maximum economic security and stability.


With around 4,000 employees worldwide, we take great responsibility for the people who work at ABUS. Now in its fourth and fifth generations, the owner family and management are successfully and prudently navigating the traditional company through the challenges of our time. When making decisions, we always consider future generations, environmental conditions and social changes.

Through forward-looking entrepreneurship and sustainable management, ABUS has matured into a strong brand that stands for value and reliability worldwide. We are committed to German production sites and to the highest possible product quality, which is guaranteed by highly qualified specialists and the use of first-class raw materials.

"High standards and exceptional quality are the way for us to be successful on the market and set ourselves apart from the competition. This philosophy has accompanied us for five generations and will continue to be firmly anchored in our corporate strategy in the future," says Christian Bremicker, CEO of ABUS.


We do what we can ourselves – provided it makes economic sense. From the development of the tools to manufacturing in our production facilities: we rely on our own expertise and train our junior employees ourselves wherever possible.

"This keeps the know-how within the company and allows us to act independently. This independence is an important building block for driving innovation and always offering our customers the best possible solutions," explains Christian Bremicker.

With this approach, we are determined to meet the challenge of guaranteeing quality "Made in Germany" despite increasing cost pressure and fast-moving market conditions.


As a family business, we are guided by fundamental Christian values such as reliability, transparency and partnership – values that are recognised globally. Our employees, both national and international, value the corporate culture that has its origins in Germany. In our day-to-day work, we live a community based on trust, respect and the common goal of providing the best possible service for our customers.

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