wAppLoxx Pro Plus App

wAppLoxx Pro Plus App

As mobile and flexible as you are: Operate your electronic locking system easily from anywhere at any time. Discover now: the App wAppLoxx Pro Plus from ABUS!



Conveniently operate the wAppLoxx Pro Plus system with the user-friendly app – anytime from anywhere.
From the road: Open the door, see everything
Grant access remotely with the remote function. And display the live images from connected surveillance cameras. Individual overview, immediate response
Operate intuitively: with personal favorites, hotkeys, and wallpapers. React quickly to events: Trigger a hotkey (shortcut) stored in the app with the swipe of a finger!
The system status at a glance
The log view gives a good overview of the operating status and access of authorized persons at each door. Logs can be easily saved and exported.
Manage locking rights in real time
Always up2date: If a locking medium is lost, it is immediately removed from the locking system via app. Other permission changes by the administrator (e.g., unlocking doors) are also displayed by the app in real time.
Activate burglar alarm system
Activate/deactivate 2 alarm systems in the system via app. A high level of false alarm protection is provided via the access control system.
Safety knows no compromises
Highest standards of data security: through a secured connection (P2P/peer-to-peer) and encrypted communication between the app and the control unit. Without additional router configuration.

Product advantages

  • Operation of the wAppLoxx Pro Plus system: electronic locking system for up to 1,000 users and 160 doors
  • Smartphone as a full-fledged locking medium: Open access to the building locally at the locking cylinder, wall reader, etc. or remotely (remote access)
  • See live images from up to 10 integrated surveillance cameras
  • Deactivation/activation of a connected alarm system with the best protection against false alarms (forced operation)
  • High data security thanks to secure peer-to-peer communication (P2P) and encrypted local area connection (LAN)
  • Personalizable: set favorites function, hotkeys, custom background images, etc.
  • Management of access authorizations without time delay (real-time)
  • Display logged events, storage and exporting of logs
  • Permission assignment from app to app


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