WLX Pro Wall Reader-Set Outdoor Intrusion black WLX Pro Bridge Box Intrusion WLX Pro Wall Reader IP67 schwarz

WLX Pro Wall Reader-Set IP67 Intrusion black


The wAppLoxx Pro Wall Reader ideally expands the digital access system’s fields of application with closing and locking technology. Electronic door openers, motorised locks, electronic cabinets or gates: With the Wall Reader, all important access points are reliably controlled. The special added value: The Wall Reader can be accessed via app as part of the wAppLoxx Pro system – allowing electronic garage doors or already installed motorised locks, for example, to be controlled intelligently at any time through the app – even while on the go.* The high-quality, scratch-resistant glass front serves to identify access authorisations by reading in the locking medium and provides feedback to the user in the form of visual and acoustic signals.

Individual component

WLX Pro Bridge Box Intrusion
Panel & Sets
WLX Pro Bridge Box Intrusion
WLX Pro Wall Reader IP67 black
Panel & Sets
WLX Pro Wall Reader IP67 black
  • Ideal complement to the wAppLoxx Pro system
  • High quality and scratch resistant glass front
  • Identification of access authorizations by reading the locking medium
  • Visual and audible signaling or function display
  • Protection against tampering: By mounting the Brigebox in the secured interior area, the reader unit does not provide any target for attempted tampering.
  • With outdoor frame
  • Color finish: black

Product advantages

  • Ideal for controlling electronic door and gate drives, door openers, lifts, barriers, rolling grilles, turnstiles
  • Wall Reader RFID reading unit with encrypted BUS connection to control unit (wAppLoxx Pro Bridge Box)
  • High manipulation resistance thanks to separation of reading and control unit
  • Encrypted AES 128 bit data transfer between wAppLoxx Pro Wall Reader, Bridge Box and Control
  • Wall Reader: Elegant design in black with high-quality metal chassis and scratch-resistant glass
  • External input on the Bridge Box allows a relay to be switched, e.g. for switches, buttons, etc.
  • Other jumper settings, e.g. control of the 2nd relay in case of tampering, Wall Reader mute switching, pulse, delay, etc.
  • BUS cable (5-core) already included in the scope of delivery with the reader (6m)
  • Wall Reader: Weather-resistant as per IP 67
  • Function to arm or disarm the alarm system


We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
Item abbreviation: WLX-PRO-SET-WR-I-S-O
Locking media: Mifare DESfire EV1, Mifare DESfire EV2, Mifare Classic
PSTI conformity given: Yes
PSTI conformity required: Yes
Programming: Configuration and system administration via wAppLoxx Pro Control
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