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WLX Pro Control Plus

Digital access control for companies: efficient and convenient, online-capable and radio-networked. Software management and app for 160 doors. The wAppLoxx Pro Plus electronic locking system.



The electronic locking system for real-time access management in commercial properties and public facilities. The Control unit manages the radio networked wAppLoxx Pro Plus system including all door cylinders, other components, and the app. The integrated software is included free of charge. It can be operated online (remote access) or via LAN, data transmission is always encrypted and made via a secure connection.
Extensive, flexible, well organized
One control integrates up to 32 door components and 6 radio repeaters into one system. Need more? Just combine up to 5 control units and scale up to 160 doors (1:4 cascading). The software's transparent locking plan matrix manages 1,000 users in 160 door groups and 100 user groups.
Efficient software management and app operation
Complex building access requirements are conveniently set up in the intuitive software. Locking rights and operations are controlled, changed, and monitored directly here - all changes are applied at the push of a button (high-performance real-time management). The system is designed for the integration of 2 alarm systems (EMA) for de-/activation directly at the door and for 10 IP cameras for access verification via video image. Popular feature: The app turns any smartphone into a locking medium.
This makes wAppLoxx Pro Plus the perfect locking system for companies and the public sector.

Product advantages

  • Central control unit for the wAppLoxx Pro Plus system operated via radio network
  • Integrated software for programming and managing the locking system by up to 1,000 users (wAppLoxx Pro Plus Manager)
  • Possible operating modes: offline, local network, and online with internet connection
  • Up to 32 wireless door components can be integrated per WLX Pro Control Plus, with a maximum of 6 WLX Pro Repeaters each
  • Up to 5 control units can be combined to scale the system up to a total of 160 WLX Pro door components
  • Locking permissions are assigned in the locking plan matrix for up to 160 door groups and 100 user groups
  • Flexible access release - even while on the road - for all wAppLoxx Pro door components via app (iOS/Android)
  • Control of up to 2 intrusion alarm systems or 2 security areas directly at the door (forced protection against false alarms) as well as integration of up to 10 ABUS IP cameras for access verification (live image in the app)
  • Intelligent event control (e.g. e-mail sent in the event of an invalid access attempt)
  • Automatic provision of software updates


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Colour: white
Connections: Relay 1-4: 30 V DC / 2A max. - Inputs 1-6: 0V/12V / 0.1A max.
DC voltage supply: 1,5 A / 12 V
Dimensions: 277 × 247 × 53 mm
Encryption: AES 128-bit
Environmental conditions: max. 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Housing material: Plastic
Item abbreviation: WLX-PP-CTRL
Locking media: 1000
Logging and time function: Yes
Max. operating temperature: 40 °C
Min. operating temperature: 0 °C
Power consumption: 500 mA
Radio frequency: 868,3 MHz
Wireless range: up to 30m indoors / free field nominal 100 m
Required accessories
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