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6KS Loop

The 6KS Loop chain made of hardened steel is the secure extension for your lock. No matter whether bike, e-scooter, motorbike or items such as garden furniture – they can all be fastened to different objects.

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Special situations demand flexible solutions. Just the job for the 6KS Loop chain.

Ideally, there is a bicycle stand such as a lean-on or bracket parker at the destination of each ride. In these cases, the lengths and widths of common bike locks are sufficient. In all other situations, the 6KS Loop can help. It fits around street lamps and wider objects and through different openings. This chain therefore offers many possibilities for securing a bike. The hardened steel of the square chain gives it high resistance. Together with an ABUS lock, the result is a combination that is hard to break. One chain, many options
With the 6KS Loop, two bikes can also be secured at the same time with just one lock. However, in addition to bikes, items such as outdoor tables and chairs are also worth protecting. Simply feed through the chain, attach an ABUS padlock, and the furniture is secured.
The robust chain is covered by a high-quality fabric sleeve so that it does not cause any scratches or other damage. A chain as an additional security lock may seem simple at first, but it offers more flexibility and security.


  • 6 mm-thick square chain made of hardened steel
  • Diameter of loop rings: 30 mm and 50 mm
  • A textile sleeve around the chain and a plastic coating on the 50 mm ring protect against paint damage
  • Available in two lengths: 100 cm and 140 cm

Operation and use

  • Wide range of fastening options thanks to length and flexibility
  • Suitable for securing bikes, two-wheelers in general and other objects
  • Locking possible in combination with a lock


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color of facets: black
Weight: 860 g
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