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Combiflex™ Adventure

Whether helmet, skis, pram, luggage or e-scooter - the Combiflex Adventure provides reliable protection for your accessories thanks to its robust construction and handy design. A practical companion for every adventure.

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Put the skis down for a moment, take your eyes off your e-scooter for a second, and make sure your bike helmet is secure? All this is possible - with the Combiflex™ Adventure cable lock.

The most robust lock in the Combiflex range to date provides the ideal protection against casual theft for your property, even in cold temperatures. Thanks to its compact size, it fits perfectly into any jacket pocket. Easy handling is ensured not only by the handy dimensions but also by a 4 millimetre thick, twist-in steel cable that can be extended to up to 75 centimetres as needed. The 3-digit opening code of the lock can be set and changed individually. This means that sports and leisure equipment is protected against spontaneous theft, even in winter and in the mountains. Even prams, luggage and bike helmets are reliably protected from thieves.



  • Compact cable lock with retractable cable
  • Users can set and change the 3-digit code themselves
  • Attractive pocket format fits comfortably in any pocket
  • 4 mm thick and 75 cm long steel cable

Operation and use

  • Compact cable lock prevents casual and opportunistic theft
  • Ideal for securing luggage, prams, e-scooters and sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, inline skates and bicycle helmets


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Locking type: number combination
Weight: 90 g
color of facets: black
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