Anchor WBA100 GRANIT™ (Art. no. 27161)

The ABUS GRANIT™ WBA 100 Wall/Floor Anchor is the ideal solution for securing your two-wheeler in place – perfect for cellars, garages and courtyards.

Anchor WBA100 GRANIT™ (Art. no. 27161)


Not every parking space offers the option to secure your bike to a fixed object. The GRANIT™ WBA 100 Wall/Floor Anchor offers a reliable solution.

This quality mounting anchor can be fixed to the wall as well as to the ground. Its 16mm thick shackle made of specially hardened steel offers the greatest resistance. If you combine this device with an ABUS lock, you are taking excellent precautionary measures to prevent your bike from being stolen.

In fact, the GRANIT™ WBA 100 Wall/Floor Anchor is so strong when installed properly, that its use in rental properties should be discussed with landlords in advance. Once installed, it can only be removed with considerable effort – and this is a good thing.


  • 16 mm thick shackle made of hardened special steel for maximum resistance
  • Incl. mounting accessories

Operation and use:

  • The anchor can be used to secure two-wheeled vehicles in garages, cellars and houses
  • The WBA 100 can be fixed to the ground or the wall. When combined with an ABUS lock, it offers the highest level of security


  • After proper installation, this anchor can only be removed with considerable effort – use in rental properties must be checked
  • Thanks to its flat design and the high-quality plastic cover, the WBA 100 can be driven over, for example, in the garage without any problems
  • The WBA 100 is weatherproof and can be installed both indoors and outdoors
Art. no.: 27161
Level: 20
Horizontal clearance: 77 mm
Shackle diameter: 16 mm
Vertical clearance: 65 mm
WBA 1: 16 mm
WBA 2: 65 mm
WBA 3: 77 mm
Weight: 1880 g
height: 160 mm
width: 165 mm

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