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Made in Germany Service from the inside

At our German production sites, we not only create high-quality products, but also a connection to values that are appreciated by our customers, partners, and retailers. Our quality standards extend beyond our products and have always characterized our service. Here you can find out how we succeed in building close and intensive relationships with partners, retailers, and customers and maintaining them with modern dialogue formats.


The long-standing and intensive relationships with our partners are essential for our commercial success. Especially in challenging times, these trusting relationships are an important basis for customer loyalty.

Unique service and fast availability 

By manufacturing security solutions such as our OneKey system locally, we set ourselves apart from the competition and offer a unique advantage for our retailers and their customers: the option of operating multiple locks with just one key. Our customers appreciate convenient key reorders and the ABUS repair and cylinder replacement service, which is carried out directly at the Rehe production site. Manufacturing many of ABUS's products in Germany means that they also reach the local retailer more quickly - and we create independence from external logistics and supply bottlenecks.  

Partnership means information 

Our support goes beyond mere sales; we always provide our dealers with up-to-date information and suitable sales material relating to our products. This means they are always up to date and can offer their customers the best possible service. Our sales force receives regular training and presents each new product in person. In this way, retailers can experience, touch, and test the products. The internal sales team based in Germany is also available to take questions and orders over the phone. 

A virtual home for our partners  

Our partner portal is the central point of contact for retailers with different needs. Whether local specialist retailer or international distributor, from bulk orders to individual product orders, everything can be conveniently done online. Regular updates on new products, changes to the range, and company news keep our partners informed at all times. Regular surveys allow us to respond quickly to their needs. In this way, we maintain a deep understanding of the individual needs of each retailer, even in the digital age, and develop a basis of trust that goes beyond business. 

Knowledge transfer and training on products and their specific properties have always been a high priority at ABUS. The aim is to ensure that all relevant information reaches the point where product advice is provided. We therefore start by passing on our product knowledge to specialist retailers and partners - because they are the important interface to end customers in direct sales.

The ABUS Academy was founded 30 years ago to manage this complex task centrally. Today, a team of 13 employees ensures that the knowledge is passed on and disseminated internationally. 

Kathrin Erler, Project Manager Digital Learning, explains, "Knowledge about ABUS products must be transported to wherever our products are sold. To ensure that all countries receive the same information, we prepare it centrally at the ABUS Academy and then distribute it to our colleagues in each country." 

Experience products digitally and analog

The ABUS Academy relies on a variety of formats for knowledge transfer. From live lessons and short clips on a digital learning platform to webinars, it offers customized training courses for different target groups. 

Thanks to advancing digitalization and the new opportunities for exchange, ABUS can reach a wide audience, regardless of location or country. At the same time, demand for live training courses remains high. Teaching units followed by factory tours or the opportunity to hold products directly in your hands and experience the benefits from experts on site also have advantages - especially when it comes to products that require a lot of explanation. One example of this is door cylinders or window and door locks. We will remain analog and continue to focus on assembly training.

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