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For us, "Made in Germany" is not just an indication of origin, but a promise that we fulfill day after day through reliability and the highest standards. Along the value chain, we show how we fulfill and embody the "Made in Germany" standard. Where does ABUS produce and where are raw materials and materials sourced from; what do we value? These are all essential questions, which we’ll answer using some ABUS products "Made in Germany."

The Granit Super Extreme 2500 as a security lock for your bike © ABUS


It is ultra-resistant, tougher than ever before - and over the top? Absolutely not, says Lena Lomotowski, Product Manager at ABUS. She supervised the GRANIT Super Extreme 2500 from the initial idea to the market launch.

There is a trend to which ABUS has responded. "In large cities and wherever high-quality bicycles are used, we have observed that bicycle thefts are now being committed using increasingly brutal methods, such as with a portable battery-powered angle grinder," explains Lena Lomotowski.

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Close-up of the Granit Super Extreme 2500 © ABUS
Close-up of the Granit Super Extreme 2500 © ABUS
The Granit Super Extreme 2500 © ABUS

The GRANIT Super Extreme 2500 is the answer to the massive devices that criminals use to pry open bike locks. Based on this trend, ABUS has set its designers a challenging task: to develop the most secure U-lock in the "Made in Germany" world.

The hardest metal in the world for a new level of safety
How did they actually succeed? Years of intensive material research and the ambition to develop something new and extremely secure have finally led ABUS to the ideal material. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials in the world. Excavator shovels used in quarries, for example, are equipped with tungsten carbide. A 2-3 millimeter thick layer of this material ensures that the GRANIT Super Extreme 2500 is unparalleled in its resistance.

"Made in Germany" through and through
To be awarded the "Made in Germany" label, only a majority of the value chain has to take place in Germany. Lena Lomotowski, on the other hand, emphasizes, "We go one step further, because almost 100 percent of the entire value chain takes place in Germany. In addition to the product, the tools required to manufacture the lock are also built at our production site in the Westerwald."

Quality that impresses internationally 
The exceptional functionality and innovative power of this U-lock already impressed a jury of experts at EUROBIKE 2023. It voted the GRANIT Super Extreme 2500 as the "Eurobike Award Winner 2023." The design, which is based on a solid tectonic plate structure, also underlines the well thought-out concept and the ultra-protective function, which has already been affirmed multiple times by international testing institutes. Nothing is left to chance here. This is also "Made in Germany."

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Your digital security solution with SmartX technology © ABUS


Our 100-year tradition of supplying our customers with high-quality, reliable security has also given rise to a drive for innovation. Security has to move with the times - and it is becoming more convenient thanks to smart solutions. A core element of the digitalization of our security products is ABUS's own SmartX technology. It was developed in 2017 at the research and development center at our production site in Rehe in Rhineland-Palatinate. This is where innovative impulses "Made in Germany" are created that change the world of security.

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SmartX technology presented transparently © ABUS
SmartX technology presented transparently © ABUS
SmartX technology installed in a disc brake lock © ABUS

The secrets of SmartX
SmartX is a protocol that secures the Bluetooth® connection between smartphones and smart products such as brake disc locks for motorcycles or bike locks. We use standard secure cryptographic procedures.

"The secret of SmartX, however, is that each individual product has a unique code, a kind of DNA of its own; its so-called ‘Secret,’" explains Carsten Pietruck, Head of the Digital Solutions and Services department at the Wetter site. This secret is synchronized during the first connection between the app and the product. To ensure that SmartX remains secure, the technology is constantly being further developed and proactively subjected to independent pen tests and white hat hacking tests.

Carsten Pietruck explains why ABUS relies on Bluetooth®: "Because Bluetooth® was and is the only connection standard for communication between cell phones and other devices that works on all devices without restrictions, and therefore for everyone."

Another advantage: Our smart ABUS One products such as the WINTECTO One for locking and unlocking patio doors - another product "Made in Germany" - also work offline thanks to SmartX and online as well with WiFi-Bridge.

SmartX ultimately opens the door to further innovations and can even be integrated into smart products from other manufacturers. In this way, ABUS technology from the Westerwald region can continue to make the convenient experience of smart products a secure one in the future.

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Our bestselling bike lock: the Bordo 6000  © ABUS


The BORDO 6000 with security level 10 is a bestseller among ABUS bike locks. But why is this product so popular with customers? With the BORDO 6000 folding lock, ABUS can offer a very high level of quality at a very fair price. Striking a balance between price sensitivity and the high quality standards of "Made in Germany" is also the aim of the purchasing department at ABUS.

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A close-up of the Bordo 6000  © ABUS
A close-up of the Bordo 6000 © ABUS
The Bordo 6000 folding lock © ABUS

The BORDO 6000 is almost 95 percent "Made in Germany," measured by the individual components. From the bar for the BORDO 6000, to some plastic and die-cast parts, to the rivet - these individual parts come directly from Germany. The associated processes, including processing into metal rods at our site in Westerwald, hardening, electroplating, and plastic coating, are also carried out in German production facilities.

What sounds so simple, offering a product like the BORDO 6000 "Made in Germany" and in top quality, is often a challenge in practice. When working with suppliers, ABUS Purchasing follows a clear-cut credo in order to be able to meet the high quality standards.

"Sourcing in Germany is a top priority for ABUS Purchasing. The reasons for this are simple. We see our supplier relationships as partnerships. We see that proximity and regionality often pay off through the same understanding of good delivery performance and sustainability," explains Benjamin Leßmann, who has been working in purchasing at ABUS for over 20 years.

Reliable and sustainable supply chains
ABUS has a number of suppliers who have been supplying the company for well over 50 years. Values such as honesty, openness, and transparency are important to ABUS and are also valued by our partners.

Short transport routes, shorter delivery times, and adherence to compliance rules are further positive effects of "Made in Germany", which will continue to gain in importance, especially with a view to the future, and give the seal an additional positive boost.

"Made in Germany" as a competitive factor
The quality of this classic ABUS folding lock has been confirmed by numerous international test institutes from Great Britain and Denmark.

"The challenge is to remain competitive through skillful supplier selection and qualification, despite the ever-increasing complexity of compliance regulations and rising costs, and to continue to convince customers of our 'Made in Germany' products with a top price-performance ratio," summarizes Benjamin Leßmann.

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The Magtec as a climate-neutral profile cylinder for your home  © ABUS

Magtec cylinder German precision with a sustainable approach

As a specialist for locking systems and one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, ABUS has succeeded for the first time in offering a climate-neutral cylinder at its Pfaffenhain production site in the Ore Mountains

With the Magtec profile cylinder, we are setting a milestone in terms of sustainability, as the housing of the profile cylinder already meets the European requirements of the future. In addition to adhering to high environmental standards such as the recycling and reuse of materials and resources, ABUS was already able to significantly reduce CO2 emissions during the production of Magtec and ultimately achieve climate neutrality through additional offsetting.

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A close-up of the Magtec profile cylinder labelled "Made in Germany" © ABUS
A close-up of the keyhole of the Magtec profile cylinder © ABUS
The Magtec profile cylinder on a white background © ABUS

Modern production and environmentally friendly material
When developing new components, one of our goals is to reduce the environmental impact of potentially harmful substances such as lead. ABUS relies on modern production technology and lead-free materials for Magtec.

"This saves around 45 percent CO2 in the production of Magtec cylinders compared to conventional manufacturing processes for profile cylinders. ABUS offsets the remaining unavoidable CO2 emissions by investing in nature conservation projects," explains Franziska Boron, contact person for sustainability at the site.

Climate neutrality: A challenge with responsibility
Manufacturing a climate-neutral product such as Magtec requires not only financial investment, but also intensive cooperation with suppliers and internal development departments. This is time-consuming, but for us it is an investment in a sustainable future. The demand for sustainable profile cylinders is increasing - especially among public sector clients.

At the same time, ABUS is responding to other market requirements, such as the increasing emphasis on modularity. There are also higher demands on key copy protection. This is why the Magtec has an innovative magnetic security element on the key and in the cylinder, which prevents copying without an original ABUS blank.

Transparent certification for customers
Customers can easily recognize the sustainability of a product by looking for independent certifications: The Magtec is labeled "climate neutral" by Climate Partner.

"ABUS consistently implements sustainability in all phases of the product life cycle. Resource-conserving practices are applied from development and purchasing to production and marketing. Sustainability is not only reflected in the product itself, but also in environmentally friendly marketing materials," emphasizes Franziska Boron.

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The granite padlock stands for durability and robustness © ABUS


In 1924, the "The Iron Rock" padlock marked the beginning of a long ABUS tradition in which clear production principles have always been at the forefront. Even back then, founder August Bremicker pursued the vision of creating a lock of exceptional durability and robustness. Today, this vision is the core of the product promise of our GRANIT padlocks.

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The Granit padlock with the inscription "Made in Germany" © ABUS
The shackle of the Granit padlock © ABUS
A close-up of the Granit padlock © ABUS

The DNA of the GRANIT™ padlock
Over the course of a century, the manufacturing technologies behind our padlocks have constantly evolved - from sheet metal and casting techniques to rolled profiles and state-of-the-art CNC technology.

But the DNA of August Bremicker's vision has remained intact over the decades. Even today, GRANIT padlocks stand for outstanding robustness. With high-quality tempered special steel, a hardened edge layer, and the special Plus cylinder, they are genuine high-security locks for protecting valuable goods. The balanced material composition and the multi-layered production process ensure toughness at the core and hardness on the surface - crucial factors for defying thieves, time, and weather. 

In addition to durability and robustness, GRANIT padlocks stand for a proven level of quality "Made in Germany." With the introduction of the product series in the 1980s, an in-house test laboratory was set up at the Rehe site in order to take the strict requirements of international testing institutes and insurance companies into account during the production process. Today, GRANIT locks are regularly tested according to the strict standards of DIN EN12320 and SSF 014. The result is quality "Made in Germany" that is internationally recognized.

Made in Germany: quality from start to finish
The value chain of the GRANIT padlock underlines our "Made in Germany" approach. From the raw materials from German suppliers to the construction in our own factory in Rehe in the Westerwald and the final coating by regional service providers, the result is a product that justifiably stands for ABUS "Made in Germany." 

Johannes Danehl, Head of Padlock Product Management Department: "Our GRANIT series still reflects the vision of our founder August Bremicker today."

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The Diskus padlock has stood for quality since 1949 © ABUS


No other product is as representative of ABUS's rich history and decades of experience as the Diskus round shackle lock.

Since its invention in 1949, every original Diskus has come from the hands of our experienced craftsmen in Wetter an der Ruhr. The finished product is created and checked in numerous steps, mainly by hand, and made from locally sourced raw materials. In order to be able to guarantee the high quality of the locks at all times, the machines and tools used for production are also manufactured in-house.

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The shackle of the Diskus padlock with the inscription "HARDENED" © ABUS
Insight into the inner workings of the Diskus padlock © ABUS
The front view of the Diskus padlock © ABUS

Knowledge makes the difference
Over the years, our Diskus team has accumulated a great deal of expertise.

"This engineering skill can be seen, for example, in the high-quality weld seam that joins the two stainless steel halves of the Diskus for a long service life," explains Benjamin Knoche, Head of Production at our site in Hegestraße in Volmarstein (Wetter an der Ruhr).

In over 75 years, a lot has changed in the locks and the technology has also continuously improved. But two aspects always remained the same: the characteristic round shape, which gives the shackle very few weak points to attack, and the consistent quality of workmanship, which is immediately noticeable to everyone when handling the Diskus round shackle lock.

"Our welding processes and results are second to none in the world. The quality that we achieve with the Diskus can be experienced by customers, for example, when the handle closes smoothly - especially in comparison to competitor models," emphasizes Benjamin Knoche.

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