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Moventor 2.0 MIPS

The Moventor 2.0 MIPS with its sporty look is for the rider that isn't defined by one type of riding. Dirt, gravel, or asphalt the Moventor 2.0 is ready for your next adventure.

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Technical singletrack, all-day gravel adventures or bikepacking are the domain of the Moventor 2.0 MIPS.
The Moventor 2.0 MIPS is the helmet for the rider that is defined by labels and appreciates the functionality of an adjustable visor. The Moventor 2.0 MIPS is lightweight, well ventilated and has a deeper fit that gives more protection at the back of the head. When the trail points upwards or the temps heat up, the ten air inlets and nine air outlets provide excellent ventilation. In addition to all the well thought-out features for off-road use, the helmet comes equipped with MIPS. for an extra layer of protection in the event of a fall.


  • Multi-Shell In-Mould for a permanent bond between the outer shell and the shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Zoom Ace MTB: Height-adjustable adjustment system to fit the head circumference
  • Ponytail compatibility: Helmet well suited for ponytail wearers
  • Laterally adjustable, non-slip TriVider strap system
  • Moulded lower shell for added durability
  • QUIN ready - easy upgrade with the separately available QUIN chip for fall detection
  • MIPS: Impact protection that protects the brain, especially when the cyclist's head hits the ground at an angle during a fall.
  • GoggFit: Device that allows a pair of goggles to be fixed to the helmet when the athlete doesn’t need them while riding
  • Ventilation: excellent ventilation through 10 air inlets and 9 air outlets
color of facets: black, white
Size: M
backlight: No
Peak: Yes
design color: shiny white
Head size: 54-58 cm
Smart - Crash Detection: optional
Weight [g]: 330 g
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