Valve Lockout V305


Secured: ABUS gate valve lockouts prevent unintentional access to the handwheel.

All variants for V303–V313

Our five gate valve lockouts cover all common valve sizes.

The ABUS gate valve lockouts completely enclose the handwheel and are secured with a padlock. In this way, they clearly signal that the valve is closed and must not be actuated. The danger of misunderstandings and the resulting accidents at work is thus eliminated as far as possible.
Application example - V303-V313


  • High-quality polypropylene: long-lasting, robust and non-conductive
  • Five sizes: Valves from 1" to 13"
  • Holds 1 padlock with up to 9 mm shackle diameter
  • Unique, predetermined breaking point at the top for valves with thread
  • Stickers in various languages included

Operation and use

  • Block access to gate valves during maintenance


  • V303: 1"-2,5"
  • V305: 2,5"-5"
  • V307: 5"-6,5"
  • V310: 6,5"-10"
  • V313: 10"-13"


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: red
Weight: 191 g
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