Pneumatic lockout device P603 Pneumatic lockout device P603


The P603 pneumatic lockout device with its three different diameters accommodates pneumatic connections of different designs and thus secures them against unintentional use.

All variants for P603
With the P603 pneumatic lockout device.
It is plugged onto the pneumatic connection and secured with a padlock. This way, the connection does not fit on any coupling and the maintainer can work safely.
Application example - P603


  • Fiber-glass reinforced nylon: long-lasting, robust and non-conductive
  • 3 different connections for most common compressed air couplings with up to 15 mm outside diameter
  • The hole in the middle can be used to attach and store the lockout device directly at the connection
  • Holds 1 padlock with 1/4" and 1 padlock with 9/32" shackle diameter per connection

Operation and use

  • Block access to compressed air connections during maintenance


  • Colour: Red


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: red
Weight: 28 g
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