ABUS CMS Software

ABUS CMS Software (Windows)


Highly flexible monitoring, from S to XL
A wide variety of options, from remote access to one recorder through to management of 256 devices and 1024 cameras in one system. The straightforward user interface allows you to integrate video data from different recorders into one overall monitoring system.

High performance, simple to use, clear overviews
The new interface design is intuitive and provides a vast overview, in part by displaying the camera archive as a time bar. Time is saved as snapshots can be taken directly from the live cast. The SMART search function, which evaluates motion events in the recording, helps to speed up the search for incidents.

Live cast and playback, alarm manager with pop-up
Up to 64 live cameras or 16 playback channels can be displayed simultaneously across four monitors – and a video wall solution (via a TV wall decoder such as the TVAC26100) allows as many 100 live cameras across 16 monitors. The integrated alarm manager with pop-up function helps with handling this wealth of images, immediately displaying system/alarm events (motion etc.). The CMS software also allows for the use of a USB keypad (TVAC26010) to control PTZ cameras.

Areas of usage:
ABUS CMS is used to operate multiple ABUS recorders in one system. These can be located across multiple sites, and a mix of technologies (IP, analogue, analogue HD, HD-SDI) is also possible. Its range of functions is also suitable for larger systems, such as in chain stores, shopping centres and monitoring stations.
The current version of the software is available to download for free from www.abus.com and will soon be included in all ABUS embedded recorders as standard.

For safe and proper operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a professional trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation in the long term with the latest security updates and new functions.

Product advantages

  • PC software for management of up to 256 recorders and 1024 video channels
  • Live view and playback for up to 64 cameras on 4 monitors
  • Integrated time schedule management, event programming and log data evaluation
  • Graphical bar display of the camera archive with time bars for event and continuous record
  • Remote configuration for recorder programming
  • Simple data export via integrated download manager
  • Integrated alarm manager with pop-up function for immediate display and playback of suspicious events
  • Creation of snapshots directly from the live view
  • Creation and management of up to 50 users, with the option of individual configuration for each user
  • Smart search through recordings using motion detection so events can be found quickly


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