The compact roll-back cable lock is so small that you hardly notice it during a bike ride. It fits perfectly into any jacket pocket and secures bike helmets, scooters or skis for excursions and short stops.

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People are reluctant to leave their new skis unattended in front of the chalet or hang their helmets on their bikes without securing them. So what can they do?
The Combiflex special lock from ABUS provides a remedy. It protects your things from casual and opportunistic theft, so you can enjoy your well-deserved break with peace of mind. As the steel cable is extendible, it can be threaded through the object to be secured and locked in no time at all. To open, simply enter the opening code that you choose yourself. The cable will then automatically retract itself. The Combiflex provides convenient keyless security in a handy format. This means that loose objects are also protected from nimble fingers.


  • Self-retracting cable
  • Opening code can be set and changed by the user
  • Attractive pocket format fits comfortably in any pocket
  • Extendible steel cable

Mounting and transportation

  • CHR - Combiflex holder for transporting the Combiflex Rest 105 on a bike

Operation and use

  • Compact roll-back cable lock prevents casual and opportunistic theft
  • Ideal for securing luggage, e-scooters and sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, inline skates and bicycle helmets


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Locking type: number combination
Weight: 96 g
color of facets: black
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