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Backyard Garden gates and tool sheds

Protect what you hold dear! Because we’re certain, the old shovel that your grandmother used for gardening is dear to you. Or the leaf blower you recently purchased and have yet to christen.

And not only that. Under certain circumstances, a forgotten shovel in the flower bed can serve as a burglary tool in place of a crowbar. Or a ladder lying around can be used as a break-in tool for the balcony on the first floor. Garden furniture is also often a popular target for opportunistic thieves. They are simply taken ‘en passant’ if they are not secured with a lock-cable combination, for example.

A tool shed or outdoor tool box is a great way to store your belongings and lock them with one of our padlocks. This way, everything you use in the garden, on the patio or in the front courtyard will generally remain very well protected against theft.

Locking type
0 g - 3 g
Keyed Alike
Security level
Bracket diameter d
1 mm - 35 mm
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