Circuit Breaker Lockout E201


For shutting off fuses in the control cabinet. In the off position, the rocker is enclosed by the E201 lock before being secured in position with a padlock.

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Especially in the control cabinet, this can help prevent accidents with serious consequences.
The circuit breaker rocker is enclosed by the E201 interlock in the off position, thus preventing access by unauthorised persons.
Application example - E201


  • High-quality materials: long-lasting, robust and non-conductive
  • Easy-to-use with screwing mechanism for secure fixation
  • Can be used universally on common single-pole circuit breakers
  • With adapter for blade-type electric fuses

Operation and use

  • Block access to single-pole circuit breakers during maintenance


  • Colour: Red


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colour: red
Weight: 13 g
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