Ball Valve Lockout V500


The universal valve lock V500 fits on every ball valve handle and secures it against unintentional operation.

All variants for V500

Because valve handles come in countless different shapes.

Our V500 Universal Valve Lockout is compatible for attachment to all different types of valve handles, so it always fits. How to do it? The clamping area encloses the handle and its height can be adjusted, making it compatible with ball valves of all shapes and sizes. The valve lockout ensures that there is a mounting point for a cable lockout. This cable lockout connects the valve handle with a fixed counterpoint through the mounting point, so that the ball valve is fixed in place and protected against unauthorised access.


  • Large, stable metal housing
  • Ergonomically shaped rotary handle for quick adjustment
  • Generous adjusting range
  • Large, specially shaped contact areas for optimum grip at the valve handle
  • Metallic and rubberized clamping areas for optimum grip on different surfaces
  • One insertion point for threading through a wire lock/cable lockout device
  • With embedded warning "Danger - Locked out"

Operation and use

  • To secure valves against unintentional restart in case of maintenance works
  • Locking ball valve handles by attaching an additional cable lockout device (not included in the delivery)
  • Securing the OFF position by connecting to a counterpoint
  • For all sizes and shapes of ball valve handles thanks to generous, adjustable clamping area


  • V500Set - together in a set with Safelex™ C506 cable lockout device


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: red
Weight: 351 g
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