5850/5650/4960 CABLE


The steel ADAPTOR CABLE is a fantastic addition to your ABUS frame lock. It is designed to provide additional security for your bike or other accessories.

All variants for ACL ADAPTOR CABLE

With the ADAPTOR CABLE, you can easily secure your bicycle or bicycle accessories. Simply connect it to the compatible ABUS frame lock – and that’s it.

The ADAPTOR CABLE is a high-quality steel cable which, when connected to an existing ABUS frame lock, serves as additional security for your bicycle or for various accessories. For example, with the frame lock cable you can quickly and easily secure your bicycle bag, seat bag or even your helmet against theft when not using it. The ABUS 4960, 5850, 5650 and 5950 frame locks are all compatible with the ADAPTOR CABLE.


  • 12 mm thick, high-quality steel cable
  • Opens up a lot of opportunities for locking the bicycle on to a fixed object

Operation and use

  • For securing a bicycle against unauthorised use


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Weight: 416 g
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