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Key caps and types Security with convenience and colour

Pocketed your partner's key again? No key to be found in the depths of your handbag? Which key on the key ring belongs to your parents' house again?

With our colourful key caps, you will always find the right key quickly. Whether classic dark blue or bright yellow - we offer a wide range of shades from which you can choose your favourite colour. 

Security in colour

Our key caps offer you a wide variety of colours to emphasise your individuality. Choose your key cap from various cap shapes and design colours. There's sure to be a colour to suit everyone. Thanks to the colour coding, the keys can be distinguished at first glance. This puts an end to the constant search for the right key on the key board.

In addition, you can equip your mechanical locking system with a transponder using our Combi and Skuni Cap. You can operate mechanical and electronic cylinders with just one key or control alarm systems and other external systems.


Key types © ABUS


A reversible key is much more convenient than a conventional key. It doesn't matter how you put the key in the lock, because it always fits. This is because the drill recesses and notches on the key bit are identical on both sides. For many, a reversible key is often more convenient for this reason. 

A conventional key can only be pushed into the door cylinder from one position. The key bit has indentations, drill recesses and other details, but these are not - as with the reversible key - identical on both sides. 


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