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A door cylinder is the heart of every door. It should be particularly burglar-proof to effectively protect house and flat doors from burglars.

For some doors, a simple door cylinder is sufficient. For example, when it comes to deterring opportunist thieves who might strike "in passing" from breaking in. This is the case for shed doors, garden gates, cellar doors and all other doors where a door cylinder protects the belongings and other objects from theft. Front doors or flat doors, however, should be equipped with a much higher quality door cylinder. 


We clearly show you how a door cylinder works in our animated film using our innovative Bravus MX Magnet locking system as an example:

The cylinder must be flush with the door or door fitting and must not protrude. It is also important to determine the correct size of the lock cylinder. You can find more information here

We offer door cylinders for various security needs.

A particularly secure door cylinder can be recognised by the following features:

It should have a combination of patent protection, trademark protection and high technical protection measures against illegal key copying. Innovative patented technologies protect you against tampering of the cylinder. In addition, for secure reordering, the system should be supplied with a security card. It is also important to always consider the cylinder in the overall context of the door and ensure correct installation. The most secure ABUS lock cylinder is the Bravus MX Magnet, which you can have equipped according to your wishes.

You can find more tips on buying cylinders here.

With a so-called keyed alike cylinder, several cylinders can be unlocked and locked with one key. Even cylinders of different types can be locked with one key. This means that the front door, the letterbox, the garage and the bike lock can be locked with one key. Say goodbye to your heavy bunch of keys and use one key for everything – with keyed alike lock cylinders. Learn more

In addition to the keyed alike cylinder, there is also the key system. Various access rights can be assigned here. For example, residents of an apartment building can also unlock the building's front door with their flat key, but not the flat doors of their neighbours. Learn more about the different types of closure



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