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Whether you're camping at a campsite, setting off in a camper van, backpacking in Australia or biking through forests, mountains and rivers, 

we’re here to help you clear your head! That's why we've put together useful tips & packing lists for your next outdoor adventure.

Because you’ll feel much more relaxed knowing for certain that you're starting out with all the equipment you need. 

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Did you know?

The ADAC found out that 34 percent of all German campers actually stay in Germany on holiday. They use local camping sites and caravan parks.

You better be a fan of alpine hikes and climbs and not afraid of heights if you stay here, because Camping Pont Breuil is one of the highest campsites in Europe. It is found in an alpine meadow in Val Savarenche, Italy. Its offers include bread service, a supermarket, sanitary facilities, a children's playground and, according to testimonials, incredible peace and quiet. 

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