We want customers to have Trust and Peace of Mind 

As Marketing Director UK, Paul Spencer is responsible for promoting and selling ABUS products in the target markets of the UK and Ireland. Paul knows what customers want in the industry - from security partners and commercial resellers to security managers in critical national infrastructure. The appeal of products "Made in Germany" is significant , especially in the high-level segment, and will continue to ensure that quality makes the decisive difference in the future, says Paul.  

Paul Spencer, Marketing Director UK © ABUS

What do customers expect of the “Made in Germany” label?

Paul Spencer:  "If you tell a customer that something is made in Germany, the perception straight away is that they believe it's going to be a product that is good quality, that it's a reliable, robust, high quality product. And then the second one is price. They either think the price tag is going to match the premium quality of the product or they think it could be a little expensive."

So can you please explain does “Made in Germany” play a role in the purchasing decision for customers in your country?

Paul Spencer: "If customers know that they're looking for a good quality premium product that they can trust, then that will play a key role. We exhibited at the MLA Expo 2023, the largest locksmith event in the UK , and the locksmiths there who are our existing Security Partners know and appreciate the German origin and heritage of the company. So straight away the appreciation of the Made in Germany tagline is there, it's like a tick in the box. "

Can you please explain again what kind of customers are they who value products “Made in Germany”? 

Paul Spencer: "So the target markets building on the Made in Germany tagline for us, whether it's a trade partner or whether it's an end user, generally tend to be the medium to high end of the market. They want the highest level of security that they can get and a good quality, robust and reliable product. At International Security Expo in London last year, for example, we spoke to Security Directors in organisations that are responsible for transport networks and mains water supplies to major Cities and those types of decision makers are looking for premium quality and are seeking trust in the solutions that they invest in.  The ‘Made in Germany’ angle for us in those types of conversations is a big initial ‘tick in the box. It immediately answers the first few questions that they might have in mind regarding the position of the product in the market."

What do you think is the spirit that defines the company? 

Paul Spencer: "One of the differentiation factors that we have against certainly those large competitors in the UK is that even though we're global, we're still family owned. We're approachable, we're friendly and our customer base appreciates that."


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