Backpack reflective tape Lumino Reflex Wrap

Lumino Reflex Wrap

Visible from all sides: Simply attach the Lumino Reflex Wrap reflective tape to your backpack for even more visibility - especially when cycling or walking in traffic.

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...of course not, and that's what our reflector strip is for. Simply attach it to your backpack, school bag or the like, and off you go on your bike.

In twilight and darkness or when it is raining heavily or foggy, visibility is quite poor. And both children and adults usually carry their backpacks and satchels on their backs, especially when they are cycling. Wrapping our Lumino Reflex Wrap reflective tape around a bag helps to increase the visibility of both cyclists and pedestrians. The yellow tape with the reflective stripes fits not only around backpacks, but also around briefcases, sports bags and simply any item that you want to mark or secure in a special way. Thanks to the practical Velcro fastener, it attaches in no time.


  • Fluorescent yellow material lights up as soon as light hits it
  • Two highly reflective stripes for very good visibility at night, but also very good visibility during the day.
  • UV-resistant material (meets the requirements of the European standard EN2471) shines even after years of use.
  • Visibility of 150 metres at night and 100 metres during the day
  • Flexible thanks to Velcro fastener (from approx. 82 to 108 cm circumference)

Operation and use

  • Universal use: ideal for satchels, backpacks and other bags
  • Increased safety in the rear area, as backpacks, school bags or satchels worn on the back, for example, can cover a large portion of the Lumino Urban safety vest


  • You can easily and securely attach a rear LED light to the ABUS strap, for example the Lumino Indicator Light or Lumino Easy Magnet Light.


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color of facets: yellow
Weight: 48 g
design color: yellow
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