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Lumino Reflex Band

One quick snap and the Lumino Reflex Band is fixed in place. Improve your visibility in road traffic with just one flick of the wrist.

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Whether around your ankle, on your arm, rucksack, pram or bike basket - with the handy Lumino Reflex Band you will noticeably increase your visibility in road traffic.
In the dark and at dusk, it is especially important to be seen by other road users, especially if you are cycling or pushing a pram. For such cases, the reflective snap band from ABUS is worthwhile. On the front, it is covered with a fluorescent yellow material that lights up as soon as light falls on it. Even after years of use, this UV-resistant material still shines. The back of the Lumino Reflex Band is equipped with a soft velour for high wearing comfort. If you use the Reflex Band as a trouser band around your right ankle, it also protects your trouser leg from unwelcome marks left by the chain. Small and handy as it is, it can be taken and attached anywhere.


  • Reflective snap tape
  • Fluorescent yellow material lights up as soon as light hits it
  • UV-resistant material glows even after years of use
  • Soft velour backing
  • 2 reflective tape strips included
  • Ideal for attaching to the arm, ankle area or to the bike basket, rucksack or pram
  • As a trouser band, it also protects trousers from dirt from the chainring or chain

Operation and use

  • For more visibility by day, twilight and night
  • Ideal for wearing around your arm, around your ankle or putting on a bicycle, pram or backpack


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color of facets: yellow
Weight: 46 g
design color: yellow
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