Backpack cover Lumino X-Urban Cover

Lumino X-Urban Cover

With the Lumino X-Urban Cover, you can protect your backpack from rain while ensuring greater visibility in road traffic.

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Bad weather is no longer an excuse: With the Lumino X-Urban Cover, you can protect your backpack in bad weather and at the same time ensure that you are not overlooked in traffic
Commute to work by bike? With the right clothes, even bad weather is no longer an obstacle. Simply pull the waterproof rain cover over your backpack and protect the contents from getting wet. Thanks to the yellow, fluorescent material and the many reflective stripes, you will increase your visibility in road traffic - both during the day and at dusk and dawn. The 2 adjustable elastic straps help to fit the cover to your backpack.


  • Fluorescent yellow material lights up as soon as light hits it
  • Highly reflective stripes for very good visibility at night, but also very good visibility during the day.
  • Visibility of 150 metres at night and 100 metres during the day
  • 2 adjustable elastic straps for fitting to the backpack
  • Good workmanship thanks to Welded seams
  • Waterproof rain cover

Operation and use

  • To be visible in low light and weather conditions
  • Protects the backpack from external influences such as rain and snow
  • Suitable for backpacks with a volume of 20-25 l


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color of facets: yellow, silver
Weight: 140 g
design color: yellow/silver
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