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Lumino Day Vest

Cyclists are well protected with our Lumino Day safety vest, especially in the autumn and winter months - whether during the day or at dusk and in the dark.

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Then quickly put on our red Lumino Day Vest!

red, more red, most visible: Cyclists are well protected with our safety vest, especially in the autumn and winter months, but also during the day. Simply pull it over your jacket and you're done. This way, other road users will be able to see you easily when you are commuting by bike in adverse weather conditions, at dusk or in the dark, within a radius of about 150 metres. The Lumino Day Vest is made of high-quality materials and is therefore very durable. In addition to the strong luminosity and the four reflective strips, you can attach additional light to the ABUS strap on the back. The ABUS LED light with Velcro fastener (Lumino Indicator Light) or with magnetic fastener (Lumino Easy Magnet Light) is suitable for this purpose. The reflective safety vest is suitable for day and night use and is tested according to the European Standard EN 17353:2020.


  • 100% polyester
  • Fluorescent red material lights up as soon as light hits it
  • UV-resistant material glows even after years of use.
  • Four highly reflective stripes for very good visibility at night, but also very good visibility during the day.
  • Visibility of 150 metres at night and 100 metres during the day
  • Tab on the back of the waistcoat to attach a separate light (Easy Magnet Light/Indicator Light)
  • Tested according to European Standard EN 17353:2020 (AB3)
  • Extended back and good fit

Operation and use

  • Very good 360-degree visibility by day, twilight and night
  • Good visibility when commuting by bike, walking the dog and more


  • You can easily and securely attach a rear LED light to the ABUS strap, for example the Lumino Indicator Light or Lumino Easy Magnet Light.


  • For adults (M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) and children (S, M, L)


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color of facets: red
Size: M
design color: red
Weight: 115 g
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