Jens Hentschel, Area Sales Manager for security locking systems at ABUS Pfaffenhain GmbH, takes us on a journey from Germany to the world. ABUS produces "Made in Germany" locking systems at its Jahnsdorf site in the Ore Mountains, Saxony - after they leave production, they are installed in exciting locations all over the world; from the Diamond Exchange in Dubai to the Sagrada Familia and the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Jens Hentschel joined the team in 2012 and has traveled to Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia for ABUS projects. In this interview, he tells us why the products from Pfaffenhain are trusted worldwide.

Jens Hentschel is Area Sales Manager for security locking systems at ABUS Pfaffenhain GmbH © ABUS

Pfaffenhain locking systems are consistently "Made in Germany", from the cylinder housing to the core pin. This guarantees the highest product quality. At the same time, the projects are highly complex and international. How do we succeed in bringing the "Made in Germany" quality claim out into the world? 

Jens Hentschel: "At ABUS Pfaffenhain, we not only attach great importance to the highest quality, but also to communicating this quality internationally. We maintain close relationships with our customers, explain the benefits of our products to them, and visit our production facilities. Being able to see and feel 'Made in Germany' on site is often a real plus point for our partners and customers. This personal contact creates trust and makes it clear that our 'Made in Germany' promise is not just an empty phrase."

Whether diamond exchange or Emirates Palace Hotel - customers worldwide rely on the product expertise of ABUS Pfaffenhain. From your experience, why do you choose Pfaffenhain quality and therefore the ABUS brand? 

Jens Hentschel: "The decision is based on several factors. We can plan and manufacture the locking systems individually according to the customer's requirements. The individual products are adapted to country-specific requirements and the shapes of locking cylinders. The Pfaffenhain site can also look back on more than 78 years of experience in the production of high-quality locking systems. The company is VdS and DIN ISO 9001 certified and thus stands for recognized quality. References such as equipping the diamond exchange also underscore our ability to meet complex security requirements. However, it is often not just the technical details and facts about our products, but also the history and values of ABUS that win over customers."

What challenges do such large-scale projects entail and how is it possible to maintain the "Made in Germany" standard of detail and quality? 

Jens Hentschel: "Major projects such as the Emirates Palace Hotel not only require technical expertise, but also meticulous detailed planning. We therefore rely on the highest manufacturing precision and quality assurance. Every locking cylinder, every pin and every spring undergoes intensive micrometer-level testing to ensure that they meet our high standards. We are also continuously investing in new technologies and expanding our production capacities. One concrete example is the opening of our second production hall in 2023, which has increased our production area at the Pfaffenhain site by a third. In this way, we guarantee the highest quality and delivery reliability for the future 'Made in Germany'."


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