© ABUS Sponsoring Kross Racing Team

Partner for the KROSS Racing Team

ABUS has teamed up with the Polish mountain biking KROSS Racing Team as their official helmet partner.


© ABUS MX system offers maximum flexibility

Maximum security with a heart of stainless steel

Your cylinders fit any door thanks to the MX modular element. Obtain information about iron clad security as standard.


Thieves' code: myth or reality? © ABUS

Thieves' code: myth or reality?

A harmless chalk drawing on the house wall, symbols carved into the letter box: Is there anything on the so-called thieves' codes? 


ABUS Configurators & Product Finder © ABUS 2016

Product finders

You’re looking for a solution? Our configurators can assist you and you will get your individual product recommendation after just a few clicks.


3D warning tent LUKE © ABUS

Childproof your home with Junior Care

Our new product line, Junior Care, is designed to offer your child a safe home. Let your child explore the world with curiosity and joy, and as safely as possible. 


© Travnikov-Studio---shutterstock

Are you prepared for your Holiday?

ABUS is your specialist partner for property security, not just in the home but also while travelling.


NutFix™ © ABUS

We have developed a very effective little something for you!

NutFix™ is our new and stylish solution for securing bicycle components. The NutFix™ system protects both wheels and the seat post against would-be thieves.


Looking for your key is a thing of the past © ABUS

Looking for your key is a thing of the past

Now you will always have the right key to hand, because only one key locks and unlocks all doors of your home. 


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