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Smart KeyGarage™ For modern key transfer

Smart means keeping it simple and secure

From now on, share your keys with others in a smart way – with our easy-to-use electronic key box. Via app and with proven security for material and data protection.

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Under the flowerpot? That’s not very creative. In a welly, in a bird house or even in a little tube you made yourself in the ground, marked by a pebble? These are all key hiding places that burglars can list in their sleep or tell each other as jokes when they get together.

From now on you can do better, we promise! It is now easy, secure and smart to transfer keys temporarily.



It really is child's play – just not for thieves and burglars: simply open the Smart KeyGarage™ using the app, store keys or a plastic card inside and lock it again. Now send an electronic access ticket or an opening code to the person who is to open the key box - and you're done!

  • Simply open via app or numeric code
    The Smart KeyGarage™ is operated either from the ABUS HomeTec Pro app or by manually entering an opening code. Thanks to the code, downloading the app is not even necessary – good for one-off access for workers, estate agents or even senior citizens who are reluctant to use their smartphone. The administrator can send individually generated opening codes from the app via e-mail, WhatsApp or even SMS.
  • Up to 28 users
    Up to 28 users can be created. It is possible to assign an individual time period and code to each person. Limited time periods are particularly practical for care staff, cleaners or workers. Owners of holiday homes can thus also assign either an access ticket for the app or an opening code for each tenant.
  • Particularly safe
    ABUS is known for security technology. With our Smart KeyGarage™ your protection is now 3-fold. Firstly, thanks to what is currently the most secure data encryption method. Secondly, through the 6-digit opening code, which means there are 1 million possible number combinations (with a 4-digit code, there would only be 10,000 possible combinations). Thirdly, thanks to the access history stored in the app.
  • Lots of space
    A maximum of 20 keys, three car keys or up to 30 plastic cards can be stored in the Smart KeyGarage™. And there's even room for a whole bunch of keys. Two hooks in the key box keep things tidy. USB sticks or small valuables can also be safely stored in our innovative key box.
  • Uncomplicated battery replacement
    The batteries can be replaced from the outside without having to open the key box. So if they are empty, they can be changed without any problems. If the key box is always operated by code, the batteries will last approximately 1 year – if it is only opened with the app, they can even last up to 2.5 years. The battery level is displayed: in the app and also on the Smart KeyGarage™ itself by a coloured light.

Download the free ABUS HomeTec Pro app for iOS or Android here. 

Whether for stationary mounting on the wall or with a shackle as a mobile variant: with our innovative key box you are always on the safe side. Proven ABUS quality paired with innovative technology – it doesn't get any better than this!

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Key transfer at the holiday home made easy – with our smart key box, every guest has their own opening code. © ABUS

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