GameChanger © ABUS



The ABUS GameChanger is the ultimate helmet for professional bike racing - developed together with the Movistar team. With its Multi Position Design, it redefines aerodynamics, because the air flows are optimized for all typical racing head inclinations. The Forced Air Cooling Technology ensures a comfortable climate on the head. And for the excellent ABUS security is the new Multi Shell In Mold responsible.

GameChanger ©ABUS


The wind as a designer

The unique flow shapes of the ABUS GameChanger are created by a team of engineers, designers and riders. Together against the natural enemy of the racer - headwind.

Pure aerodynamics - when it comes to the battle for seconds for the decisive watts, there is no way around the ABUS GameChanger. Its streamlined design speaks a clear language. Change the Game - ABUS GameChanger.

GameChanger blaze red side view

Road GameChanger

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