DC Noise Filter

DC Noise Filter


In electronic systems, the DC interference filter can help with almost all problems caused by an unstable power supply or irregularities in the mains supply, especially frequency fluctuations. The filter is used at an operating voltage of 12V. It stabilises this voltage using an active voltage regulator at a maximum ampacity of 500mA. The filter must be installed in the power cable between consumer and 12V DC power supply unit.

For safe and proper operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a professional trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation in the long term with the latest security updates and new functions.

Product advantages

  • Prevents image interference caused by unstable mains network
  • Stabilisation of supply voltage through an active voltage regulator
  • Installation in power cable between camera and power supply unit
  • Easy and tool-free installation with DC coaxial barrel connector (5.5 x 2.1 mm)


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
DC voltage supply: 12 V
Dimensions: 55 x 23 x 19 mm
Height: 23 mm
Length: 19 mm
Power consumption: 500 mA
Width: 55 mm
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