Protect your shed or garden gate with a padlock © ABUS

Door & Gate Prevent theft

Thieves are everywhere and at any time of day or night. And an open shed in the garden where the wood splitter for the firewood, the new scarifier or other tools are kept is like an invitation for thieves.

You can secure outdoor equipment boxes and cabinets, sheds, garden gates, garden huts and the like from unauthorised access with our padlocks. And protect brooms, watering cans, rakes, garden furniture and seat cushions, barbecues and anything else used in the garden, on the terrace or in the front garden from thieves. For example, with our classic, the Diskus, which is over seventy years old. Or our Granit, which has a tensile strength of six tonnes and is therefore almost unbreakable.

Locking type
15 g - 1835 g
Keyed Alike
Security Level
Bracket diameter d
3 mm - 15 mm
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