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The original padlock, The Iron Rock, is being launched in a new edition to mark the 100th anniversary of ABUS. The Limited Edition Iron Rock 83/45 is robust and solid like the 83/45 Eighty Three and unique like The Iron Rock.

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Our anniversary padlock is a fusion of our best-selling 83/45 Eighty Three padlock and the unique character of our original lock, The Iron Rock.
To mark the milestone of 100 years since the company was founded, ABUS has developed the Iron Rock 83/45 – an anniversary product that symbolises the company's history and makes our customers' everyday lives more secure in the long term. With the Iron Rock 83/45 padlock, we rely on proven ABUS quality and patented features in combination with the unmistakeable design of our Limited Edition.
The robust original padlock made of sheet metal and steel, to which the Bremickers gave the characteristic name Iron Rock, was the starting signal, paving the way for an entire company history. 100 years of experience are an expression of change and innovation at the same time. The embossing on the Iron Rock 83/45 is a reminder of this and is a charming and discreet reference to the founding year of 1924.
The features of the anniversary product at a glance
The Iron Rock 83/45 is designed for all those who want to effectively secure doors, gates or property. The robust 45 mm brass padlock with high-quality precision pin cylinder reliably protects your belongings against unauthorised access or entry. A NANO PROTECT™ coating also prevents rust damage to the special-steel shackle – for example, when used outside.
If you want to lock the Iron Rock 83/45 padlock, there are two options: either the lock is closed automatically by pressing the shackle down into the lock body, or a key retaining function can be set up by installing a tiny metal part, the so-called "Z-bar". This ensures that the locking is possible only by using a key.
Two keys are included in the scope of delivery of the Iron Rock 83/45 padlock.


  • Padlock in unmistakeable design of the first ABUS lock, “The Iron Rock”
  • Lock body made of solid brass
  • Hardened special steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ coating for very high corrosion protection
  • Rekeyable: cylinder can be re-keyed to match existing bittings
  • Limited anniversary edition

Operation and use

  • Protection of items with a higher value and with a high risk of theft
  • Suitable for use on grilles, doors, gates, cabinets, toolboxes, cellar windows, sheds, switchgear, barriers, etc.
  • Extremely flexible: can be adapted to different requirements in a short time – thanks to its interchangeable cylinder and the possibility to quickly change the shackle
  • Can be combined keyed alike with various ABUS door cylinders


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
Security card: No
Width a: 46 mm
Vertical clearance c: 24,5 mm
Depth e: 20 mm
Weight: 364 g
colour: brass
Horizontal clearance b: 23,5 mm
Shackle diameter d: 8 mm
Height f: 84,5 mm
Keyed alike: No
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