Door cylinder KE60NP Z30/K30 Schematic representation Key


All variants for E60


  • Door cylinder according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252, ISO 9001:2015
  • With emergency function: can be locked from both sides, even if the key is in the lock inside (does not apply to half cylinders, as these can only be locked from the outside)
  • 6-pin cylinder
  • Keyed alike available: padlocks No. 86TI/55 as well as 83/45, 83/50 and 83/55 can be made keyed alike to the same key
  • Drill protection: three hardened steel pins on both sides of the cylinder body, two hardened steel pins in the plug and three hardened bottom/top pins per cylinder side
  • Long key neck, perfect for door fittings with cylinder protection
  • Service: making of door cylinders as per sample key
  • Supplied with 3 keys

Operation and use

  • Main entrance doors or apartment doors


  • Finishes: NP = Nickel Pearl – dull matt brass finish, PB = Polished brass
  • Special versions: half cylinder, thumbturn cylinders


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
type of cylinder: Knob cylinder
colour: nickel pearl
reversable key: No
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Security card: No
Weight: 359 g
Security Level Home Security: 7
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