FAS97 B EK Hinge side lock front view

FAS97 B EK Hinge Side Lock


The ABUS FAS97 additional lock is intended for securing the hinge side of a window. You should secure the opening side separately. Locking is automatic so there is no need to activate the additional lock manually. When you open the window, the FAS97 moves with it; to tilt the window, simply push the hinged bar to the side. The hinge side lock is mounted on the casement and on the frame. Because it locks automatically when the window is closed, the lock is always engaged.

For safe and proper operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a professional trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation in the long term with the latest security updates and new functions.

Product advantages

  • Suitable for inward opening turn and tilt windows at the hinge side
  • Easy to operate, just push in and out. Easy to fit: Covered screws
  • Locks automatically when closing the window
  • Resists more than one ton load
  • VdS approved, DIN tested
  • Convenient handling for tilt/turn handles: unlock by tilting without keys, locks automatically when closing the window



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Length: 145 mm
Net weight: 0,538 kg
Width: 69 mm
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