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Hasps Breakup made difficult

Select the hasp to match the padlock

A lot helps a lot: For some padlocks, for example for the Diskus or our Granit, there is a specially developed hasp to offer the highest possible theft protection. One of the security features of our hasps are concealed screws. In addition, hardened steel eyelets for the padlock shackle are concealed inside the hasp and thus protect against break-in attacks.

The security value of the hasp should always be matched to the padlock. Wherever no lock cylinder can be installed or where you want to secure values, a hasp can be useful as a fastening element for the padlock. Classic examples are containers, warehouses, vehicle hinged doors on vans, delivery vans or box vans.

Security Level
Eyelet bore hole c
7 mm - 15 mm
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