Secvest Wireless Window Handle Lock FO 400 E – AL0089 (silver)


The 400 E wireless window handle lock and the Secvest wireless alarm system from ABUS integrate mechanical and electronic security technology into a single security concept. Suitable for all windows that open inwardly, the wireless window handle lock replaces the existing handles of conventional windows. The lock is monitored even when the alarm system is disarmed. Intruders immediately set off the wireless window handle lock the moment they first attempt to open it; they are faced with a solid steel bolt that delivers a pressure resistance of over one tonne. At the same time, and long before the mechanical lock is pushed to its limit, the Secvest wireless alarm system emits an alarm.

Secure total locking – one key fits all
One key is all you need to totally lock the pressure cylinder of the wireless window handle lock, preventing intruders from breaking a window pane, unlocking the window handle or opening the window. A connection point allows the integration of a passive glass breakage detector placed on the pane, which triggers an alarm if the window pane is broken. It's practical too, as the ABUS wireless window handle lock is one-key-fits-all, compatible and available with other ABUS security products, meaning that one key is all you need to open or close every lock in the house.

For safe and proper operation, this device must be installed and regularly maintained by a professional trained by us. Arrange regular maintenance appointments with your installer to ensure trouble-free operation in the long term with the latest security updates and new functions.

Individual component

Secvest Wireless Retrofit Kit for FO 400
Security window handle
Secvest Wireless Retrofit Kit for FO 400
  • Double your protection by combining mechanical security with electronic monitoring
  • Active intrusion protection, thanks to simple upgrading of the mechanical system with electronics
  • Even detects intrusion attempts
  • Connection points for passive glass break detectors
  • Upgrade for the purely mechanical version manufactured in autumn 2014 or later (FO 400 N)

Product advantages

  • Practical one-handed operation: window locking and security in a single motion
  • Active intrusion protection: Mechanical security provided by claw-like steel bolts
  • Electronic notification even when the first break-in attempt is made
  • More than 1 tonne of pressure resistance against opening attempts
  • Basic lock for windows that open inwardly replacing the window handle
  • Open and closed positions can be identified visually
  • Total locking using pressure cylinders
  • Open with a key after total locking
  • One-key-fits-all: compatible with other ABUS products
  • Connection points for passive glass breakage detectors


We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
Battery - max. battery life: 2 y
Battery - quantity: 2
Battery - type: 2 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries, Varta Industrial / Industrial Pro, Duracell Industrial, Panasonic Powerline
Certifications: VdS
Colour: silver
Compatible with: BUMO60040; Secvest
Connections: Clamping terminal
DC voltage supply: 3 V
Dimensions: (WxHxD) 71x210x103 mm
Environmental class: II
Gross weight: 1,82 kg
Height: 210 mm
Housing material: ABS
Installation location: Windows
Length: 103 mm
Locking number: AL0089
Max. humidity: 90 %
Max. operating temperature: 55 °C
Max. transmission range (building): 30 m
Max. transmission range (free field): 100 m
Min. operating temperature: -10 °C
Modulation: FM
Radio frequency: 868,662 MHz
Radio power: 10 mW
Sabotage monitoring: Yes
Sensor type: Reed contact, magnetic field sensor system
Type of detection: Magnetic field measurement
VdS approval no.: M 100304
VdS class: other
Voltage monitoring: Yes
Width: 71 mm
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