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Matching your design concept Cylinder colours & key caps

It is often the small details that make the overall picture look coherent. This also includes colour-matching door fittings and cylinders.

From antique to luxurious – we also manufacture gold-plated lock cylinders to meet your special design requirements. In the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, for example, golden cylinders were installed to match the interior.

With our colourful key caps you will always find the right key quickly. You can, for example, mark your key to match your company colour. Or give the keys of individual departments different colours. That way you can keep track of everything.

When it comes to colour variations, door fittings and door handles can also be a little more unusual, because in addition to high security, a contemporary design is also in demand. You can order special colours for all locking systems and many cylinder types. The colour palette ranges from antique bronze and antique copper to various shades of silver and gold and even black. The colour shades perfectly match the fittings of leading manufacturers. So even lock cylinders act as high-quality design elements.

Colour coding of group permissions © ABUS

Our key caps offer you a wide variety of colours to emphasise your individuality. Choose your key cap from various cap shapes and design colours. There's sure to be a colour to suit everyone.

You can mark group permissions for your property using different colours. This allows you to control exactly who gains access to which area.




Key types © ABUS


A reversible key is much more convenient than a conventional key. It doesn't matter how you put the key in the lock, because it always fits. This is because the drill recesses and notches on the key bit are identical on both sides. For many, a reversible key is often more convenient for this reason. 

A conventional key can only be pushed into the door cylinder from one position. The key bit has indentations, drill recesses and other details, but these are not - as with the reversible key - identical on both sides. 


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