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Bravus MX Magnet

Bravus MX Magnet offers you security at the highest level – thanks to the integrated magnet technology, the standard SKG*** security equipment, technical copy protection, patent protection until 2038* and brand protection.

All variants for Bravus MX Magnet
The intelligent magnetic technology and the patented Intellitec system on the key and in the cylinder effectively prevent an unauthorised key from being used in the locking process.
Bravus MX Magnet therefore provides reliable protection from illegal 3D key copies. 3D printers have now evolved from a niche product to a major industry. You can produce three-dimensional workpieces. Although this technology represents exciting prospects for certain areas, there are still dangers associated with it, because it is possible to make illegal copies of very simple key profiles or blanks with a 3D printer. Protect yourself and your home by looking for complex key profiles with multi-dimensional security features when buying a locking system. The magnet in the Bravus MX magnetic key prevents 3D printing due to its complex technical design. Furthermore, the locking process can only be completed if the original magnet is present. In addition, the multi-dimensional Intellitec system makes 3D copying difficult.
The variant with the Pro Cap key cap offers a wide range of colours to emphasise individuality. Choose your favourite colour from nine shades. Thanks to the colour coding, the keys can be distinguished at first glance. This makes searching for keys a thing of the past.
* Max. Patent term 2038
Pro Cap colour overview


  • Multi-access paracentric reversible key made of wear-resistant nickel silver, extra strong
  • Patent: Patent protection until 2038
  • Trademark protection: Unlimited
  • High-quality locking system with up to 10 spring-loaded tumblers and 2 tumbler levels
  • Copy protection: Intellitec system with multi-dimensional authorisation check, magnetic technology in the key and cylinder, with security card (original ABUS replacement keys and cylinders are only produced if the security card is presented)
  • Modular construction: standard for double, half and knob cylinders
  • Key related security: Class 6 according to DIN EN 1303
  • Attack resistance: Class B, class D for Euro profile cylinders thanks to SKG*** certification
  • Fire resistance: Class B, T90
  • Product certification: Certified according to DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303, SKG*** as standard for Euro profile cylinders, other cylinders on request
  • Manufacturer certification: ISO 9001
  • Made in Germany
  • Open all doors with one key
  • Assign individual locking permissions

Operation and use

  • From single-family houses to large building complexes
  • The right cylinder for every door: Variety of cylinder types and surfaces to choose from
  • Individual/ keyed alike locking system
  • Small to very large, complex master key systems


  • Cylinders available in various versions and lengths, tailored to your door
  • Optional special features: Pro Cap key cap in nine attractive colours, emergency function, freewheel, high-strength drill protection (on both sides), seawater-resistant cylinder, VdS certification
  • Cylinder colours: Nickel (standard), antique bronze, antique brass, antique copper, antique nickel, antique silver, silver-black, polished brass, shiny gold, satin chrome, shiny chrome, matt black


We have summarised for you which disposal information is important in your country.

Disposal & labelling of packaging
type of cylinder: Double cylinder
colour: nickel matt
emergency feature: Yes
fire resistance doors: Yes
Security card: Yes
reversable key: Yes
Drill protection: Yes
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