Edge guard JC3400A TOBI

Edge guard JC3400A TOBI

You simply have too many rough edges? Simply childproof with TOBI corner guards.

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TOBI corner guard is round, transparent and made of soft plastic.
Wild chases through the kitchen and the hallway and then off to the living room: Things can go wrong! To protect baby's head, arms and other sensitive body parts from worse, our transparent corner guard TOBI helps. Simply attach to table edges, chests of drawers, window sills and other sharp edges. Since it is transparent, it is hardly noticeable.


  • 4 x edge guard
  • Simple installation with 3M adhesive pad (included in the scope of delivery)

Operation and use

  • Protects against injury on edges
  • For table edges, windowsills etc.


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
Weight: 30 g
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