Night light with temperature display JC8650 LILY

Night light with temperature display JC8650 LILY

Night light LILY shows the room temperature with different colours and gives your baby a soothing, warm light at night.

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Do you know how many stars there are? Night light LILY emits a soothing warm light.
Imagine: Your baby wakes up at night and just doesn't want to go back to sleep in the pitch dark. And until you get there, half a minute passes.
But that's where night light LILY comes in: Depending on the room temperature, it glows in different colours and has a calming effect on your baby.


  • Blue = less than 14 degrees Celsius
  • Green = 15 to 20 degrees Celsius
  • Orange = 21 to 26 degrees Celsius
  • Red = more than 27 degrees Celsius
  • Included in the scope of delivery: Micro USB charging cable
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Maximum lighting time: approx. 45 hours (with fully charged battery)

Operation and use

  • This night light calms your child, additional feature: Room temperature display
  • For children’s rooms etc.


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: white
Weight: 202 g
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