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Smart, secure and with a modern design, the LOXERIS One is a practical eye-catcher for your front door. With the door lock drive, you can open and close your door conveniently using an app.

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OPEN THE DOOR WITH A SINGLE TOUCH Keys were yesterday. With the LOXERIS One smart door lock drive, all you need to do to open and lock your front door is tap your finger in the app. Arriving home has never been so easy.
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SIMPLE INSTALLATION Easily mount the holder on the inside of your door above the door cylinder without the need for replacement – whether by clamping, gluing or screwing – and attach our smart door lock drive to it.
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SHARE ACCESS VIA APP With the ABUS One app, you can share permanent or temporary access with family, friends, employees, guests or service providers. The event log allows you to always keep track of who is using your door and when.
The wonderful feeling of being at home starts at your front door, because the LOXERIS One smart door lock drive makes coming home easier and more convenient: one touch opens the door for you.
Sometimes getting your key out is a cumbersome process, but your smartphone or smartwatch is quickly at hand. So why not use an app instead of the key?
This is how you gain real convenience at your front door with the LOXERIS One:
  • Open and close your front door with one click in the intuitive ABUS One app.
  • Optionally use our separately available numeric keypad, finger scanner or remote control.
  • Share permanent or temporary access with family and friends or with employees and service providers.
  • Keep track of who is using your LOXERIS One and when with the event log.
  • Benefit from the security of proven ABUS SmartX™ technology to secure Bluetooth® communication between the app and LOXERIS One.
  • Use the separately available BRIDGE One to control your LOXERIS One remotely and integrate it into your smart home – with the benefits of voice assistants, scenarios and routines.
Installation on the inside of the door is simple and can be done quickly without installing cables; all you have to do is give up a key that remains in the door lock drive. The key head is sawn off for installation so that your keys are compatible with the LOXERIS One regardless of their head shape.
Setting up the app is simple and takes just a few steps. From now on, arriving home is both smart and convenient.
  • Made in Germany


Awards & Partners
Works with ABUS one
Works with ABUS one

Awards & Partners


  • High security thanks to ABUS SmartX™ technology, AES 128-bit encryption and ABUS Keycard for admin authentication
  • Simple and wireless installation, fast and uncomplicated start-up with the free ABUS One app – one key must remain in the door lock drive
  • Power supply via replaceable batteries (4 x AA batteries are included)
  • Suitable for Euro profile cylinders according to DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303 with emergency feature

Operation and use

  • Bluetooth® door lock drive for front doors – is fitted on the inside of the door
  • Smart opening and closing of the front door or flat door by app
  • Simple operation with the ABUS One app on a smartphone or smartwatch – optionally also by code input, finger scan or remote control
  • Send access authorisations for up to 28 users and restrict them in terms of time or share permanent access
  • Automatic locking of the door at predetermined times – regardless of whether the door is to be locked at night after returning home or in the morning after leaving the house
  • Lock&Go function locks the door a few seconds after leaving the house or flat at the touch of a button
  • Real-time remote access to all functions such as opening, locking, viewing event logs and managing access authorisations as well as optional integration into smart homes via the separately available BRIDGE One


  • Colours: black, silver, white


Can I fit the LOXERIS One on any door?
The LOXERIS One can be fitted to any door that has a Euro profile cylinder in accordance with DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303 with emergency feature.

How easy is it to install the LOXERIS One?
Installation of the LOXERIS One is straightforward and can be carried out by non-experts without any problems. No cable connections are required and no drilling is necessary, unless you want to. To attach it to your door, simply fix the retaining plate over the door cylinder – optionally by clamping, gluing or drilling – and place the LOXERIS One on top.

It is best to follow the assembly instructions step by step. These are included with your LOXERIS One – you can find the current version of the instructions in the Downloads section on the product page.

How long does it take to install the LOXERIS One?
Installing and configuring the LOXERIS One is not complicated and can be done in just a few minutes – especially if you have already familiarised yourself with the operating instructions prior to installation.

How do I connect the LOXERIS One to the ABUS One app?
To connect the LOXERIS One to the ABUS One app, you need the Keycard included in the packaging. This serves as proof of identification and confirms you as the sole owner of the LOXERIS One. Simply scan the Keycard with your smartphone and follow the further instructions to complete the connection process.

How is the LOXERIS One operated?
The LOXERIS One is configured and operated using the free ABUS One app on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Alternatively, you can also control it using the separately available remote control, the finger scanner or the keypad after you have configured them with the app.

Is the LOXERIS One compatible with smart home systems?
Yes. The LOXERIS One can be integrated into common smart home systems using the optionally available BRIDGE One.

Can I also control the LOXERIS One while out and about?
If you have the separately available BRIDGE One, you have the option of controlling the LOXERIS One while you are on the move, even if you are not within Bluetooth® wireless range.

Can I still open the door manually despite LOXERIS One?
With LOXERIS One fitted, use of your door from the outside remains largely unchanged. The only difference: the resistance when using a key increases slightly as you have to work against the motor of the LOXERIS One.

You can also use your door as usual from the inside. The only difference is that you no longer have direct access to the key, which is now permanently in the lock and covered by the LOXERIS One. Nevertheless, you can still open and close the door manually by pressing the turning knob on the LOXERIS One.

Is the LOXERIS One weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use?
No. The LOXERIS One has been specially developed for indoor use, in particular for installation on the inside of front doors, where it functions optimally in an environment with protection against weather influences and extreme temperature fluctuations.

How many people can I give individual access permissions to LOXERIS One?
You can give up to 28 different people permission to access the LOXERIS One at the same time.

How do I change the batteries of the LOXERIS One?
Remove the bottom cover of the LOXERIS One by carefully pulling it downwards; it is secured only by plastic lugs. This gives you access to the battery compartment and allows you to replace the batteries. After inserting new batteries, simply replace the cover and snap it into place.

How do I clean the LOXERIS One?
A damp, soft cloth – for example a microfibre cloth – is sufficient for cleaning the LOXERIS One. Please do not use harsh cleaning agents.

How long do the LOXERIS One batteries last?
The number of opening and closing operations the LOXERIS One can perform with one set of batteries before they need to be changed depends on many factors. 

As a rough estimate: with normal frequency of use by a family of four and in combination with a smooth-running door, a battery life of around one year can be assumed.

Tip: The battery status is displayed in the app.

How secure is the LOXERIS One against hacking or unauthorised access?
The LOXERIS One uses Bluetooth® for communication and is additionally protected by the SmartX™ security protocol developed by ABUS. This offers maximum security and protection against hacking attacks.

The use of a finger scanner or keypad also offers a high level of security, as the accessory uses the same Bluetooth® security protocol as the LOXERIS One and only reacts to registered fingerprints or stored codes.

The LOXERIS One is installed on the inside of the front door and is not visible from the outside. The security of your door cylinder remains unaffected by the use of LOXERIS One. – it does not affect the functionality or security of your door.

How is the LOXERIS One supplied with power?
The LOXERIS One is powered by four replaceable 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries. These are located on the underside of the device and are easily accessible as soon as the bottom cover is removed. A set of batteries is included in the scope of delivery of the LOXERIS One.

How does the LOXERIS One work?
The LOXERIS One is a motorised door lock drive that is installed on the inside of the front door above the door cylinder. It uses a motor to turn the key to lock, unlock or open the door. 

If you want to open the door, the LOXERIS One automatically turns the key until the door is unlocked and the door latch is released, allowing the door to open on its own. If you want to lock the door securely, it turns the key until the door is securely locked.

Do I need to update the LOXERIS One and the ABUS One app?
You receive information about app updates via the App Store and the Play Store. Within the ABUS One app, you will receive information about firmware updates for the app and your devices linked to the app. 

We recommend that you install the updates as soon as possible to ensure the problem-free functionality of the app and components.

Where can I find more answers about the ABUS One app?
You can find information and answers about the ABUS One app here: FAQ about the ABUS One system


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