With the WINTECTO One window drive, you can turn your patio door into a smart entrance.

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the WINTECTO One.

Frequently asked questions about WINTECTO

How easy is it to install the WINTECTO One?
Our WINTECTO One window drive can also be installed by non-professionals: the WINTECTO One is very easy to fit without routing cables or drilling holes. To do this, replace the existing window handle with the WINTECTO motorised window handle with built-in drive. Use the existing screw holes of the previous handle for fastening. The only tools you need are a screwdriver and a tape measure or folding rule.

It is best to follow the assembly instructions step by step. These are included with your WINTECTO One – you can find the current version of the instructions on this page in the Downloads section.

As soon as you have mounted your WINTECTO One on the window frame and installed the ABUS One app (available in the App Store and Play Store), the app will guide you through the further start-up and configuration process for your window drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note the information in the instructions for DIN left and DIN right windows for installation.

How long does it take to install the WINTECTO One?
Installing and configuring the WINTECTO One is not complicated and can be done in just a few minutes – especially if you have already familiarised yourself with the operating instructions prior to installation.

Is the WINTECTO One suitable for my window or patio door?
The WINTECTO One window drive is a retrofit system for inward-opening windows and patio doors with a 7 mm square spindle and a backset of at least 30 mm. The sash frame width of the window must be at least 60 mm.

Unfortunately, the WINTECTO One cannot be used on sliding doors and windows that open outwards.

It is also important to note that you need a smartphone with Bluetooth® function and the ABUS One app for installation and use as intended.

How does the drive for windows and patio doors work?
The WINTECTO One is a retrofit system for motorised locking and unlocking of windows and patio doors. The motor opens and closes the window handle and thus also the locking mechanism of the window. Thanks to the WINTECTO One, you can use your patio door as an entrance and exit that you can lock and open from the outside.

You can control the window drive via the ABUS One app, a smartwatch or the optional remote control, keypad and finger scanner.

What is the power supply for the WINTECTO One motor?
Six AA 1.5 V alkaline LR6 batteries, which are included in the scope of delivery, serve as the power source for the motor.

How do I operate the WINTECTO One?
The WINTECTO One is a smart security product and is initially operated via the ABUS One app for iOS and Android. You can open or lock your patio door or window with a single touch. 

The WINTECTO One can also be optionally operated using a smartwatch, remote control, finger scanner and keypad. 

Is the WINTECTO One window drive compatible with smart home systems?
The WINTECTO One can be connected to your Wi-Fi network and integrated into smart home systems using the separately available BRIDGE One. This allows you to control the WINTECTO One using voice assistants and create smart scenarios, for example, by integrating it into routines.

Can I control the WINTECTO One when out and about?
With the separately available BRIDGE One, you can also control the WINTECTO on the move via the ABUS One app, even if you are not at home and are out of Bluetooth® wireless range.

Can I still open the window or patio door manually? 
Even with WINTECTO One installed, you can still open and close your windows or patio door manually from the inside at any time – also when the batteries are completely flat.

If the lock cylinder is pressed in, the window handle is securely locked. You must first unlock it with the key before you can open the window from the inside. This does not apply to control via app, smartwatch and the optional components finger scanner, keypad and remote control.

What alarm function does the WINTECTO One have?
If you have attached the magnet to the window frame and activated the alarm function, an approx. 110 dBA loud alarm sounds in the event of an attempted break-in. The 3D alarm sensor system recognises changes in the position of the window. If your smartphone is connected directly to the WINTECTO One or you have the BRIDGE One and are on the move, you will also receive a push notification from the ABUS One app.

How do I set up the alarm function?
If you want to use the alarm function of your WINTECTO One, the magnet included in the scope of delivery must be attached to the window frame. You will find step-by-step instructions if you go to the lock settings (cogwheel symbol) in the ABUS One app and scroll down to Instructions.

How do I activate/deactivate the alarm function? 
To activate the alarm function, simply press the push button cylinder in the handle of the WINTECTO One.

To deactivate the alarm function, unlock the push button cylinder using the key.

How do I switch off an alarm?
The alarm switches itself off again after a while. 

If you want to actively switch off the alarm sound prematurely, you can either open the cylinder on the handle or acknowledge the alarm in the app.

How does battery replacement work?
To change the batteries, pull off the upper part of the housing of your WINTECTO One along the window wing and replace all 6 batteries (AA 1.5 V alkaline LR6) with new ones. Then replace the outer cover again.

How long do the batteries in the WINTECTO One last?
The number of opening and closing operations the WINTECTO One can perform with one set of batteries before they need to be changed depends on many factors. 
As a rough estimate: with normal frequency of use by a family of four and in combination with a smooth-running door, a battery life of around one year can be assumed.

Tip: The battery status is displayed in the app. 

Do I need to update the app and the WINTECTO One?
You receive information about app updates via the App Store and the Play Store. Within the ABUS One app, you will receive information about firmware updates for the app and your devices linked to the app. 

We recommend that you install the updates as soon as possible to ensure the problem-free functionality of the app and components.

How can the WINTECTO One be cleaned?
A slightly moistened cloth is sufficient for cleaning the WINTECTO One. Please do not use harsh cleaning agents.

The app does not connect to the WINTECTO One. What can I do?
If the WINTECTO One has already been configured in the app but suddenly cannot establish a connection, it is usually sufficient to briefly deactivate the Bluetooth® connection on your smartphone. As soon as you have reactivated Bluetooth® communication, the connection should be re-established without any problems.

Alternatively, it may help to close the app permanently and reopen it.

What can I do if the ABUS One app is not displayed on my Apple Watch?
If the ABUS One app is not displayed on your Apple Watch, you have probably deactivated Automatic App Install option in the Watch app. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down to the Available Apps item and install the ABUS One app by clicking on Install.

Where can I find more answers about the ABUS One app?
You can find information and answers about the ABUS One app here: FAQs about the ABUS One system

If your question is not answered in the FAQs, our customer service will be happy to help:

Write to or call +49 23 35 634 455.

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