KEYGARAGE™ One makes key management convenient and key handovers smart.

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about the smart key boxes KEYGARAGE™ One 797 (with shackle) and 787 (for wall mounting).


Can I also use the KEYGARAGE One outside?
Yes, you can. The KEYGARAGE One is tested to protection class IP54 and is weather-resistant. However, we recommend choosing a sheltered location outdoors.

Can I retrofit the wall-mounted version of KEYGARAGE One with a shackle at a later date?
Yes, the shackle is available separately as an accessory.

Can I also control the KEYGARAGE™ One remotely?
If you want to control the KEYGARAGE One from outside the Bluetooth® range, you must connect it to your Wi-Fi network via the separate BRIDGE One. This allows you to open KEYGARAGE One with the ABUS One app from anywhere and at any time via the internet, assign and delete numeric codes, invite your contacts to use the ABUS One app and give them access to it, and also to view the event log. In addition, you can receive push notifications when someone unlocks, opens or locks your KEYGARAGE One or when the battery level is low.

Can I generate a numeric code even if I am not within range of the KEYGARAGE™ One?
To assign a numeric code outside the Bluetooth® range, you must pair your KEYGARAGE One with a BRIDGE One that is connected to your Wi-Fi network. The BRIDGE One allows you to control the KEYGARAGE One from anywhere outside Bluetooth® range via the internet. 

If you are not using a BRIDGE One, you always need an active Bluetooth® connection to the KEYGARAGE One to create a numeric code. Only user invitations can be created and sent via the app without a Bluetooth® connection.

As an admin, can I enter any numeric code?
Technically, yes, but for security reasons we recommend that you do not choose a simple series of numbers. Furthermore, the code "000000" is not approved for security reasons and therefore cannot be used as an opening code.

Do I always have to enter a 6-digit numeric code?
Yes, this is mandatory as only 6-digit codes are accepted. A 6-digit code ensures higher security: It enables one million opening codes. With a 4-digit code it would only be 10,000.

How many different users can be created?
Up to 28 different users can be created. If more than 28 users are created, the oldest user without current permission is automatically deleted.

How does hands-free mode work?
When hands-free mode is activated, you do not need to hold your smartphone in your hand to unlock the KEYGARAGE. A simple press of a button on the KEYGARAGE One keypad is all it takes if your smartphone is within the radius you have defined in the ABUS One app.

Which batteries are required?
Two AA batteries are required. These are enclosed in the packaging.

What is the battery life?
If the KEYGARAGE One is operated exclusively via code input, the battery life is up to one year. If it is operated exclusively via the app, the battery life is up to two years.

What do I do when the batteries are empty?
The battery compartment of the KEYGARAGE One is accessible from the outside so that batteries can be replaced quickly and easily. Only a screwdriver is required to open the battery compartment.

Will I get a message when the batteries need to be replaced?
If the battery capacity is low, this will be indicated via the LED lights (three orange flashes) each time before unlocking and locking the smart key box, alerting you to the fact that the batteries need to be replaced soon. 

If you use a BRIDGE One to connect your KEYGARAGE to the Wi-Fi network, you can also receive push notifications via the app.

Which app should I download?
To operate the KEYGARAGE One, you need the free ABUS One app (formerly HomeTec Pro app). This is compatible with iOS™ and Android™ operating systems. You can find them manually in the App Store and Play Store or here.

The app does not connect to the KEYGARAGE™ One. What can I do?
If the KEYGARAGE One has already been configured in the app but suddenly cannot establish a connection, it is usually sufficient to briefly deactivate the Bluetooth® connection on your smartphone. As soon as you have reactivated Bluetooth® communication, the connection should be re-established without any problems.

Alternatively, it may help to close the app properly and reopen it.

What can I do if the ABUS One app is not displayed on my Apple Watch?
If the ABUS One app is not displayed on your Apple Watch, you have probably deactivated Automatic App Install option in the Watch app. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down to the Available Apps item and install the ABUS One app by clicking on Install.

Where can I find more answers about the ABUS One app?
You can find information and answers about the ABUS One app here: FAQs about the ABUS One system

If your question is not answered in the FAQs, our customer service will be happy to help:

Write to or call +49 23 35 634 1270.

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