Mechanical door opener MT90


Simple and robust: The door opener can be used if you do not yet have an electricity connection in your new building or if you fundamentally prefer a mechanical solution. Thanks to its compact design, it is quick and easy to install.

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A mechanical door opener for numerous applications.
If you are in the construction phase of your home, do not have a suitable power connection or are simply looking for a purely mechanical door opener that is nevertheless robust and secure, this is a good choice. Due to its compact design, the product can be mounted quickly and easily and aligned with the latch of the mortice lock already in use. It is suitable for DIN right and DIN left doors.


  • Slim dimensions due to the symmetrical construction (only 16 mm)
  • With latch adjustment and mechanical unlocking
  • With radius latch

Operation and use

  • Universally suitable for DIN right and left doors


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colour: silver
Design: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Weight: 116 g
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